Seeking Knowledge The key to Success!


Ask and it shall be given unto you
Seek and yee shall find
Knock and it shall be open unto you

say unto wisdom thou art my sister
and unto knwoledge, thou art my kinsmen

I am sorry i have not posted anything on this blog for a while now, and that is why i have decided to drop a line or two hoping someone out there will pick up something from it.

I have just discovered something interesting, and i believe sharing it with everyone that visit’ this page will make me happy. It might be something you know or you do already, or possibly the first time you are hearing it, but it is something that really works and i will be glad if to see many see the light of it.

Do you know that America has produced the largest number of billionaires in the world? and the toll up till today is as listed below

Worlds Richest
Nation/Region Number of billionaires Notes
1 United States 371
2 Germany 56
3 Russia 47
4 Turkey 39
5 India 36
6 United Kingdom 34
7 Australia 30
8 Japan 27
9 Canada 22
10 Brazil 18

Do you know what all this American Billionaires have in common? i guess you don’t. apart from the fact that they are all Billionaires, they all read books…I mean motivational Books…not novels. They read books, jornals, books written to change lives, and that is the major secret behind there huge success.

Very few genuises are billionaires, only 1 out of every 100 are and the remaining 99 are people who out of the idea of this few genuis created wealth from combining there energy with existing ideas, works, plans, and wisdom written with inks on paper by this great men dead and alive, who have studied the world, with will power and are now giving it to all to benefit from their knowledge.

Even the scriptures advises us to seek knowledge so that we can be wise, without it, nothing works. Solomon became the wisest man ever because he seeked God’s wisdom, and with this he became wealthy. You too can be great only if you seek knowledge, it does come in different forms but the most readily available means is books, listen and learn, ask questions and develop that ability to perfect.

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