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In my own world, the real world where I grew up, my hood where I had my childhood and where I still live with rustic folks, friends and family all around me, everyone calls me “BABAOLOWO” yeah, that is my name!

For the those reading this post that are not Yoruba Language savvy, I will do you the honor of letting you in on the meaning of the word . “BabaOlowo” is just Me, Myself and I and the meaning is The Richman. You might be curious and want to know how I got that lovely name, here is the story and I hope you enjoy it and pick up something from it.

Once upon a time, there live in Lagos Nigeria, a young, handsome man Julius Oluranti Oderinlo and his young, dashing, elegant, desirable, adorable, lovely beautiful wife, Florence Oluwafunmilayo Oderinlo. They live with their four adorable kids but they felt living to replenish the earth was ideal as God as commanded so they went to “Eledunmare” in prayers and supplication for another Godly seed and Osimiri answered their prayers and gave them a perfect gift through His grace for the world wide manifestation of the riches of Christ in glory and a father of many nations, via the covenant he had concerning him through Abraham. Conceived and lived within for 9months, he was born on the 16th of April in the year of our Lord 198(number of Grace) Numbering 001. He was christened Abidemi Olanrewaju Oluwamayowa Anthony but he also felt the significance of the number “5”, felt four was not enough and he added “BabaOlowo”, exercising dominion in his subconscious and at a very tender age of 2. A confirmation of the distinct grace he is to enjoy on his path to becoming the riches of God in His glory on earth, a name so significant and rare, revealed to his subconscious by God in His divinity. Although he was young, guiltless, without the perception of what lies ahead of him on his path to his prophesied Greatness and Riches in Christ, he went all out, shouting it out loud and clear to the world around him, “Emi ni BabaOlowo” (I am the Richman), the great one, knowing and believing it is “Uzoamaka” all the way no matter how rough or tough the road seems to be.

The exact date it all started, I knoweth not, but the year and how I was told by my mum and “Iya Agba”, and the complexity of it all still baffles me till this very day, because I was told that I fought tooth and nail, with anybody that dares to call me any name other than BabaOlowo, with the exception of my late grandma “Iya Agba” who calls me “Oko mi” (my husband), whenever she’s not calling me BabaOlowo. She believed in my innocent dreams and she shared it even when others felt it was a joke, she was always telling me of my conquest to come, maybe it was because she was childlike already, a 100 years old when I came to be and she left in June 2005 at a tender age of 120 years Old. So strong, so beautiful, I think will tell you about her in a subsequent post I titled “The Women of My Life”.

I believe it all started when the subconscious me that is readily embedded in every two years old broke into the timeless, limitless realm of understanding to discover the real value and purpose of money. Coins in those days was the physical manifestation of this legal tender my young brain could comprehend, so I was told that I created the BabaOlowo the world is about to see, feel and experience, by operating on potent principles that still works till this very day. My mum told me that I would rather save my coins in my pocket until it gets robust and starts to jingle than spend it on Biscuits and Chocomilo like every other toddler of my age, she said the epitome of it was my willingness to give it to her on grounds of investments with the hope of multiplication rather than for toys, cloths or stuffs that attract like other kids of my age. I think I learnt the Babylonian law of purse fattening too early in my subconscious and was practicing it without having a complete understanding of what I was doing. I lost this while learning the ways of the western world, got it all mixed up and confused along the way just like “Piano and Drums” by Gabriel Okara, I misplaced priority but now I got it back and I am glad I did. Quite a flick, but not too bad for a young man who is a special blend of Martin, Rocky and spiced with a little bit of Sparky (Why You Act The Way You Do by Tim Lahaye), Jesus found me and I am glad he did.

Not that I wasn’t a normal kid, I ate a lot of chocolates and biscuits as a little Pikin, but I seldom buy them with my own kobos, my dad was always the special source and my priority was getting a fat pocket, a good habit I kept even in my weak drinking days, I never bought drinks with my own money although I drank a lot of it dubbing myself a social drinker, an excuse for drinking i guess, I was always saving but also miss-investing, (Bo se wa lo se lo).

I am really a testimony kind of kid, always on the extreme. I started speaking before I was a year old, and I had confirmations that I actually spoke my first meaningful statement when I was just 40days old, a world record I hold in my personal Guinness Book of World Records. I’ve got other stuffs in it; you can mail me if you want to find out what I said on my 40th day anniversary.

Iya Agba was my natural source for the starting capital, I scour up all loose coins I can find in her “Suku”, put it in my pocket and the almost daily routing of purse fattening begins. I add up every other coin I can lay my hands from my mum, keep every other coins I get from her friends that never stopped coming, her customers who can’t help admiring the young handsome replica of his dad and my friends who kept calling at her shop (every little child get to hang out with older friends) and some other people who just kept giving just to watch me at the end of the day do my thing. I keep every kobo in a single pocket to ensure that the pocket gets fat enough in good time in order to create the required jingling effect, then I come all out and tell everyone that cares to listen that hey! Emi Ni BabaOlowo! And when they ask why; all I do is show them my fat pocket and make it jingle saying it louder and clearer, Emi Ni BabaOlowo, I am the Richman!

I guess these sounds like a normal childhood tale, like a joke but believe there is more to it. I also felt quite like that the first time I heard it but after reading through Numbering 001 and Number 002 by Deolu and applying this principles to this events as they occurred in my life, their times and dates in a bid to number my days and define their significance and purpose, I noticed some interesting clue, and learnt some worthwhile lessons that are quite invaluable and a leeway to embracing my now and the future that lies ahead of me. The lessons I learnt are built around the hidden man of the heart and persistence and I hope you also can have a lick of it.

My dad was 40years old (4×10) when I was born and I came to be the fifth of six children making it a perfect family of seven (my mum and dad are one, let nobody break it), I am 4years and 4days older than my little sister and I was born on the 16th day (4×4) of April (4th month), christened with exactly four names, spoke exactly 40days (4×10) after I was born and as the 5th child I added a 5th name, “BabaOlowo” the revelation I got in my subconscious when I was just 2years old, and the summation of my age now gives me a five.

Two numbers kept reoccurring and number two symbolizes Intensity, testimony or confirmation and also symbolizes full compensation, MENe MENe, it as to be two when God wants to establish a fact. The two numbers that kept reoccurring are four and five.

4. Four is the number of worldwide extension and balance; I was 40days old when the first sign came, my dad was 4×10, and I was born 4x4th day of the 4th month, 4years 4days older than my lil sis and more. I’ve got the No.4 in common with Deolu, he also came on the 4th day of the 8th month (4×2=4+4) and when anything secures 4 bases, it’s balanced and empowered to go global.

5. Five is the other prominent number of the pair and the number of Grace, favour, distinction. I am the 5th child with 5 names and the summation of my age now gives me 5. David picked 5 stones when he learnt that Goliath had four other brothers that were like him (one for each), a spectacular display of faith in God, back with the pleasant assurance of God’s favour and presence. All he needed to claim the victory for the people of God was the fifth stone and the battle was won with a single shot, I am the fifth son, the Fifth Element (I guess you’ve watched the movie) the most important ingredient, rare like Boron and element of distinction, placed at the vantage point by God and all that is need to claim the victory for the people of God, operating in the covenant against every uncircumcised Philistine that stands against the army of God. tHE One thing I LEARNT is the fact that we all have the 5th element hidden within us, all we need to do is dig it out. Five is the number of Letters in Jesus’ name and the letters in the Olowo are just five.

There are other instances of the significance of numbers that I discovered while numbering my days, but I chose to layout this few ones to arouse more stance in the mind of the readers. One thing I know for surely is that I was in my mms womb for 9months, a perfect gift from God and I have the 4 thing written all over me. I know that I will be a billionaire, and by the time I am 40years old, I will be worth N400 billion. A Naira will be worth 4x a dollar by then and Naija will be the center stage for everything that matters all around the world. Think i’m a joke then you don’t know about the New Nigeria Club and you are still decade away from the real world. if you know what I know, you no go fit doubt me.

I am world’s greatest, don’t ask me why, say what you think!

This is the story, my mama told me and I will tell you more of the things I learnt from my childhood in my next post, a continuation of this one, and how you and I can apply it to become the desire of God for the world to see!

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