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For those that read my last post, this are the personal lessons I learnt from my childhood exploit and relating it to the principles of success that I have discovered and how to operate within it to get desire result, I have decided to highlight the two outstanding carriage that I believe anyone can leverage on to achieve insurmountable positive results.

Many a time I wonder, what was really going through my young naive mind back then, how did I get the purse fattening inspiration out of the subconscious and why did I unknowingly choose to beat it into the heart of the world around me and make them call me “BabaOlowo”. I paused to imagine that somewhere inside my childhood I did all these without knowing and suddenly, out of my ordered reasoning came the answer, I found out why and how my young mind was able to capture the such revelation out of the subconscious and how I was able to engrave it permanently in the heart of the world present around me; that which is yet to unfold.

A guiltless mind, a pure and unknowing heart devoid of carnal sway, the hidden man of the heart and Persistence, these were the two key I used in unlocking the impossible world.

The hidden man of the heart
The little Abidemi that got the revelation of “BabaOlowo” is the hidden man that was within his heart, carefree and undeterred, open enough to receive the things of the spirit. This is the real man and the exact nature of the heart God works with. There must be a discovery of the inner man in order to receive the revelation of the things of the spirit from God. More of the reason Jesus Christ was always using the little ones as a yardstick, a reference point for anyone that desires to walk and work with HIM. The hidden man of the heart is like a babe, pure in spirit, meek and incorruptible, without vain thoughts or lust of the flesh, a fertile mind made by God to receive seeds that will produce God’s kind of result. No wonder he said in His words “Blessed are the Pure in spirit, their is the kingdom of God” (beatitudes), “Unless a man be born again (become like a newborn), he can not see the kingdom of God” and “Assuredly I say unto you, unless you become converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of God” (Mat 18:3 KJV), without a heart that can receive the things of the spirit, no man can become kingdom focus, it is therefore paramount for all men to become like babes to become blessed here on earth and inherit the kingdom of heaven. Discover the hidden man of the heart, become like a child in His presence, just like the 2years old Abidemi that discovered and became BabaOlowo and you will be surprised at the ease with which the things of the spirit will be revealed to you and you will do exploit.

Persistence the birth place of perseverance and long-suffering, a fruit of the spirit is an important key to experiencing and exploring the divine revelations you will receive when you become like a babe. Abidemi ensured that his purse was always getting fat enough to jingle in the process of creating is desired BabaOlowo. This purse fattening process was not just a gradual one, but it was a practice that he executed consciously even in the subconscious to get the desired result, he persevered unconsciously and his persistence paid off to the extent that when he outgrew the act, he was still BabaOlowo, he kept telling the world around him not just with his mouth, but with is actions, always using the fat jingling pocket to back his claims up until it got registered into their heads that hey! This is BabaOlowo. I can remember having friends who never got to know my other names, only few got curious about it and the few that did, always forget the others because they seem to see anyone calling me any other name than BabaOlowo, my persistence paid off and so did the persistence of others.

Mohammed Ali became the greatest Boxer of all time not because his punches were the heaviest or because he threw more punches than any other boxer in the world or because he won more boxing match than every other boxer, but rather he consistently instilled it in the heart of other boxers and the world that he’s the greatest boxer, he said it so many times that other boxers were intimidated by his confidence and were almost timid or even some became furious and went into fights with rage rather than purpose, and Ali was brave enough to backed claims up with hard and potent punches that took him from Good to Great. Persistence brings result, the power behind consistently confessing what you desire into your life and backing it up with corresponding actions brings you the desire result, say it loud now and clear, confess it to yourself, let your ears and your heart get used to listening to you saying it, and you will be surprised with the ease with which it comes into reality.

Persistence a process that requires whole lot of sacrifice, determination and dedication, but the proceed thereof compared to the process is like reaping a plantation worth of harvest from sowing a seed, the glory of the latter is always greater than that of the former and limitless too. Persistence pays and it worked while I wasn’t even conscious of it, it worked for Mohammed Ali, Martin Luther Kind Jr. shared his dreams with the world with persistence, Napoleon Hills dedicated a whole chapter of a book that took him 50years of study to right to persistence (Think and Grow Rich), Nightingale preached persistence, Bob Proctor did, Warren Buffet said nothing works better than persistence and even me self dey talk am. If the result of hard work is more work like I rightly heard it, then persistence is the key to that desired destination, the only “expo“ to guaranteed result, I am still in the practice, more result to come. Like we sing the song during fellowships when I was a kid

“I will never let you go
Unless you bless me
I will never let you go
Until you bless me”

Now that I am grown up, I have broken into a bigger dimension of understanding of the things of the spirit that births productivity and result; I am working on a broader understanding that surpasses even the Babylonian principles. All I needed to delve into this realm was God, and all you also need is God.

I am world’s greatest, don’t ask me why, say what you think!

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