A Blink Away…


A New Beginning is just a thought away. Did you know that life is 10% what happens to *you* and 90% what you do with what happens to You Think about it for a moment; you can’t control life but you do have a say about how You respond to what happens in your Life. Over time, your level of abundance and prosperity will unfold in direct proportion to your level of personal growth. So, you have to ask yourself this question, “how much is it worth for me to grow?”

The King of kings may allow disappointments, pains, agonies, shame, defeats and other difficulties in your life to serve His purpose. No matter how bad that situation may be, God is at work in it. Look out for Him and He will see you through! – EA Adeboye

Judas was a necessary pain in the ass of Jesus Christ, so He bore it and gave the world salvation, bear that situation because it is there so that the glory of God might be revealed and fufilled in your life and situation. Remember the story of the man that was blind from birth….It’s for a special Miracle God is about to do with your life..

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