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I was reading a post on Deolu’s blog this morning and while scooping through is archives, something very interesting caught my attention so I decided to take a thorough look at it. The post was titled “ “The things I used to do” I dropped this post as a comment on that page, but I felt more people should have a feel of this post and my comment so i decided to fix it here as well.

Doing something simply because you like it is never a good enough factor for doing it, because something more interesting might pop up tommorow and all you can do is dump it and go for the next interesting idea.

It is never worth doing if it’s just because of you, but believe me you will never quit doing something if its because of someone your love or hold very close to your heart. No wonder God said we should love others they way He loves us, you will find out that people commit suicide while some some put their lives on the line for the sake others.

According to research, most suicide victims commit suicide not basically because of regret, shame or failure, they do so because they don’t love themselves enough, so they do it for the love they have for others or a group of people. It is either as a result of Cognitive constriction which is a mental constriction, such as rigidity in thinking, narrowing of focus, tunnel vision, and concreteness. “(doing somethin just because of your personal interest in it is Cognitive Constriction and that is why you end up aborting it for something else.. (suicide)), Lost of interest or desire in something due to physical inabilities such as visual impairment, neurological disorders, and malignant disease or as a result of depression. I am not here to talk more about suicide.

The reasons for suicide are deep and long standing. The teen that attempted suicide right after his girlfriend broke up with him or the teen that contemplated suicide after losing her job probably had a history of low self-worth that was magnified by the upsetting event and the Real love of what was lost. (

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

If you are doing something you love today and the underlying factor is not because it adds value to the life of someone out there, I will advise that you re-orchestrate the blue print and design it in a way it will be a blessing not to only you , but to the lives of others as well. The way human beings are wired however is that your greatest motivation will be connected to doing something for someone else – being of help, rendering service, being a blessing, e.t.c. It is essential that we find that desire we truly want to meet and connect it with the activity love and want to do.

It is suicide to stop just because you don’t like doing it anymore, if it’s not just for you, then you will never stop for the ones you love.

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  • I think our live is hanging on a string of thoughts, the impact of what we see and learn in our life is as a result of what we are thinking, our future is dependent on our thoughts today.
    What are Thoughts? Thoughts are specific descriptive imagination of the mind, they emanate from the mind, but thoughts don’t begin to form as a child is born – first the mind as to receive information through the senses, processes them and thoughts are produce.
    Our whole lives is dependent on thoughts, that is why people commit suicide, they think no one loves them and they are no good in life.
    We must make up our mind to think though of success, thoughts of victory and happiness … our entire life may be hanging on it.

  • yea you are right my oga
    cognitive constriction is a killer, men must break away from the thought of defeat and embrace that which is presented to them with smiles.. we must re-orchestrate our thinking pattern and make it produces positive result. as a man thinketh in is heart so is He. the thought of victory happniess and success should be the flag of our inners being

By Babaolowo