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As I pick the keyboard to write this morning, I am still listening to the voice of Leke Alder from my MP3 player that as been glued to my ears since I got home yesterday. I struggled hard to listen to all of the teachings that were thought yesterday because I was so busy doing a lot of things but I am so glad I was at the meeting because the things I learnt were much more greater than what I had bargained for, and there is no better way to celebrate the Independence of the most populous, blessed (mentally, physically, spiritually) and desirable black nation on the surface of the planet Nigeria. If I had gone anywhere else or sat at home, I wouldn’t have had such revelation of the things of the spirit that are embedded in me through Christ, and I wouldn’t have been blessed with the realization of the Divine Protocols that are laden in the very simples principles of life that must be followed diligently to attain spiritual heights and experience financial emancipation. (Psalm 122)

I went with the mind of getting a tool for operation but I ended up being blessed with a Corporation. Never have I experienced the fullness of God to such an optimal level but now that I did, I have the very reason to make it mine through the Rhema of God which births signs and wonders and go all out to possess my possessions that are my inheritance in Christ Jesus. I am still very pregnant with blessings and I will be more than glad when I deliver because I won’t have to invite you to the christening, you will hear about it and you will be there to rejoice with me in God’s presence.

The Creative Imagination of God that was placed inside of me is the Breathe of Life and that sets me apart. I am a product of the creative imagination of God, I am the dream of that man we all know as God, I am His image and likeness, so if I am alive today kicking, living and pre-existing in His dreams and now alive in the realization of these dreams to serve the purpose for which he created me, then I can ASA and BARA and will ASA and BARA because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and because the creative imagination of God (Breathe of Life) that is inside of me as been activated to call things that are not as though they were.

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  • beautiful post, so you were there. it was an inspiring programme. my thoughts are still on paper. i really just believe that though there may no t be too much celebration yet, a new Nigeria is being born

  • All we need to do is keep working and operating in the light of the scriptures, (divine protocol)so that we don’t rupture God’s plan for our lives oooo!
    | was at the download stands on that lovely

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