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This is more like a football tale, but their is more to it.

It’s ARSENAL 1: HULL CITY 2 after a grueling match-up between the two teams at the big beautiful Emirates Stadium, the home soil of Arsenal FC. A well deserved defeat for Arsene Wenger but not a deserving result for the teeming supporters of Arsenal Football club, not just because the match was a home game, but basically because they deserve results for their support from Arsene who as turned deaf hears to his defensive problems and as turned the team to a French affair. I am yet to meet any lover of good football that as not kicked against Wenger’s pick of Gallas as a deserving defender or his unyielding belief in systems that only works for a while and not a season at least. A good he is, but instead of learning from his mistakes and weakness, he’s always of the opinion that they make him different and boast of it. Small wonder it is to see him boast that his team is yet to concede a goal from open play before this very game, that they’ve only been conceding goals from dead balls and corner kicks.

After I read that on just days before the match, I wondered within my heart, what his going through this old Frenchman’s mind, is he forgetting the fact that even a own goal could lead to defeat or victory, is he forgetting that all goals either from dead or live balls are all legitimate and could kill a team. So right was my thought that the following day, the second goal came from a very beautiful set-piece that turned Gallas to more of a spectator than defender, this was the goal that lead to a painful home defeat and ended the dream or hopes of a victory or even a draw against a team like Hull City. The first goal was from a superb open play that resulted in a back breaking shot that I will rate my best so far this season.

Instead of accepting the fact that his team lacks defensive cohesion in handling dead-ball situations, he got comfortable with because he was yet to meet a formidable opposition or loose a crucial match, and he was also too proud to believe his self acclaimed jewel of Gallas was as bad as fans are yelling and instead of re-enforcing his defense line with good defender instead of depending on tired legs like Gallas who he brought into the team and made captain of the team at expense of two lovely players who had played out their heart for Arsenal with passion and love for the game and fans, and not just to satisfy his French savor with the French-connect syndrome that he’s introduced into the team, thereby breaking the heart of lovers of good football who as made Arsenal their choice for life.

Wenger was good enough to identify the weakness in his defense, in fact he was a good coach to have pin-pointed the specs and source, but instead of working to correct his weaknesses by working on defenders with extra care in dead-balls and set-pieces to better their performance in subsequent games, he was busy covering it with excuses of better result in open play situation, celebrating the nothing he as achieved as if he had just won the EPL and “gbosa!” the big blow came from where he least expected and a single goal from a set-piece made the difference after his open play superiority had already been defiled with a classic contender for the goal of the season.

The Big Question
The big question is, What is that little weakness you have been able to identify in you that you are trying to or as been covering up with lame excuses and baseless claims. Do you want to be caught with the stunner, when the match is over and lost before you will try fixing it up like Wenger? Take a good look at yourself and you will find it there, those little white lies you’ve been telling yourself (they dubbed it white lies to make it sound nice, lie na lie), it only leads to a bigger one and then to outright defeat, destruction and death. Nothing good will ever emanate from such situations. Take a closer look at yourself and you will instantly identify this dead ball situation in your life, business, career, marriage or relationships with others. Don’t try to cover it up with thin sheets that will erode and wear off in no time, though it might bring you satisfaction now, but believe me; it leads not to just defeat but death. Don’t try to cover up with the results of your open play, rather get good defenders like Danny Shittu and get to work, or work worker and workest on the ones you have until you are sure they will produce desire results, work on it until the “ kudie kudie” as been brought into perfection. Go all out with the winning attitude and renewed trust in your defense and win all the EPL matches in your life with valor like the Arsenal of old (unbeaten run champions). Never be contempt with being a Wenger, rather work on it and become a Winner.

I don’t just watch football for the fun of it, I learn from it and I am glad I could share it with you. I ought to have posted this weeks a go, but i could not due to circumstance that deemed it fit for now. I hope you can answer the big question from here.


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