All it takes

First, it takes time.
Learning anything takes time. Becoming good models of grace, it seems, takes years! Like wisdom, it comes slowly. But God is in no hurry as He purges graceless characteristics from us. But we can count on this, for sure: He is persistent. Second, it requires pain. The “dust” in our room doesn’t settle easily. I know of no one who has adopted a “grace state of mind” painlessly. Hurt is part of the curriculum in God’s schoolroom. Third, it means change. Being “graceless” by nature, we find it difficult to be anything different. We lack it, we resist it, we fail to show it, but God never stops His relentless working. He is committed to our becoming more like His Son. Remember? “He who began a good work . . . will carry it on to completion” (NIV).

by Charles R.Swindoll
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  • @Afrobabe
    It’s called the light affliction, when it’s God, you see the flame but it doesn’t hurt you, you see the storm but at the very end of it is jesus saying peace be still.. He’s always there whenyou things it’s getting harder, He’s always there when it seems it ain’t working right, ‘He’s actually working something better that is why it hurts and that is why you think you aint getting it right.. God is at work, so be deligent and follow through till the very end and you will be glad you did

By Babaolowo