I wish i Found You even before I found me
I wish i said those words before that very second ticked by
I wish I could turn back the hands of time,
When it was jst U & I

I wish you could see what i see
The deception that lies ahead the direction you are taking
I wish I could say it in words you will believe
Words you will see for what they are and not jealousy, hurting or hating

I wish I was sensitive enough when you hitch
Listened enough when you called for so long
Fired instead of aiming for too long
How I wish your voice is that which still tickles my core
Not the blank bitten chump you left with no ray of hope
That I will smile again with the thought or feel of what we once had
And almost shared

How I wish you get to see this and feel the bore in my heart
That you will read, reply to raise a spec of dust of hope in me
How I wish you know it’s all becos I can’t stop…
Even if you want or wish it harder than I Wish

You said i should listen to song of my regrets
You said thats how you feel…
…but hey!.. .
What i feel is deeper than that..
And the only good in it is that it bears creativity in me
This is not about me or about u..
But its a wish I say to the constant North Star every nite
For the one that left (although wit a trace)
With the whole of my heart

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By Babaolowo