Defeating Tomorrow (Motives)


It’s 4:00am In the morning and I am still as awake and as fresh as if I just woke up from a deep sleep minutes ago, with a lot on my mind, I’ve tried to figure out in a thousand way the events of the past few days of my life and the world around me is shaping the man I have become. In a few weeks I will be a graduate from the acclaimed strongest polytechnic in Nigeria with a 2nd class, and still I am caught in the web of barrage of thoughts, trying to figure out the next required move that will produce the next big thing in my life. Although I have learnt, invaluable lessons from the feet of men of great wisdom with outstanding understanding of the principles of life like, Bishop David Oyedepo, Poju Oyemade, John Asharaf, Boyce Watkins, Leke Alder, Ibukun Awosika et al… etc, a few of this great men became my favourite and the words they’ve spoken still rings aloud in my ears, but still I carefully search the heart of the earth, looking for the rights spot to sow that seed I have in my hand, oblivious of how to get there, but equipped with a heart that searches the truth without relenting until exciting quality is produced from deep within.

A tool I have identified and used since I found it is a heart of praises and a tongue that give thanks in all situations, I have used it effectively and produced results that are enviable with it, doors are opening and opportunities have been coming my way exceedingly and still am grateful. Although am not worried about the future, but something within me still seeks the path that I must follow, the principles I must define, the rules I must understand and obey to produce the imaginable and unimaginable. I seek these things like babes seek milk, I knock on doors, knowing they will open, and hoping that I find wisdom on the other end of it. I ask questions with the hope of getting answers that will feel my heart with vigor and lighten me up, just like oil for my lamp.

I smell victory already and I think it’s the joy of it that keeps me burning all nite long with closing my lid and not the indomie noddles I devoured late into the nite, I hear the gong of victory sounding already and nothing will make me deter, I have burnt my bridges already, defeated my goliaths and now because He lives, I can face tomorrow like I just did, overcoming today.

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