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Although my story might not sound unusual in the Nigerian atmosphere, just like 9ice’s account in is new song “Anytime” sounds like normal life to me, it is unique because it is mine and cannot be replicated in any other person, it is unique because in it stands me, just me, myself and I.

It is indeed with a grateful heart that I speak of God’s wonder in my life, with gratitude that I ink my thoughts today, remembering how fateful my life as been and how faithful God as been to me. I am thankful for all days, everyday of my life and especially for the first decade in this new millennium. This decade as been a tertiary knowledge advocacy era for me, and gladly I breasted the first tape before it dawned, after riding the tides of tertiary education for six years within the stretch. Out of secondary education in the first year of the millennium and now I am out of the tertiary right at the brink of 2009; I bet you can only imagine how jolly the ride was. It’s a phase in the race, and I get equipped better and better as the days go bye, hopefully I become better than the best, standing out and standing tall in the midst of it all.

I have learnt quite a lot and am still learning more, I hope I can share the little I know with the world around me, here online and offline in how I live my life day after day. I have learnt love and I know lust, I have found victory and I know the pains of defeat, I have found you and now my heart is at peace with all. Yeah! The ropes are long, but where you are holding it now is the most important part of the rope, the way you hold on determines the tension in it and holding on keeps you going on. Do not worry, the rope is strong enough to carry your weight, the link is not going break. Let your will power drive you on and your thoughts chart the course. Where you desire to be looks more glorious and better, but where you are now determines when and how you get there… what you want is more, but first you need to get better than where you are now, get uncomfortable in it like and old shoe, outgrow it then you can advance beyond it.

Let this year be a new beginning indeed, a special time to develop new organs and special unusual system for better existential purposes. The changes in the physical climatic conditions call for it, evolve, mutate but do not improvise, rather invent and improve on you so you can conquer old enemies and gain new grounds. Surprises your challenges by being prepared, the floods are coming, now is the time to grow gills or get drown, now is the time to grow wings and fly instead of weathering the storm. You might think it is impossible, I don’t have the tools… there you go again deceiving yourself; the tool is just within and hey! It’s free, it is your mind, your thought pattern, your creative imagination, and all you need to do is think, act, think and be grateful for the result of your actions and reactions and inaction.

It is 2010, a twosome year, mene mene. The hands of God is written all over this year and HIS presence is just so evident and filling the air. Go all-out creating the world you desire and imagined in your thoughts and dreams knowing HE’s got your back, do things the way you think things and not the way you see them and watch the results file out just the way you imagined it. Bite more than you can chew, that’s what God is there for, HE’s not here to watch you do things you can handle, he’s here to help you finish up that which is bigger than you, that is why HE’s always with you. Here’s the time to walk in HIS presence following the divine protocol, now is the season of his blessing, the rules are simple and here they are:

  •  Get thirsty to enter into HIS blessing and be grateful
  •  Think out of the box, yes beyond your limits
  •  Say it if as if it were, pray it into being
  •  Act on the thoughts you receive when you pray
  •  Respect constituted authority (that policeman is one)
  •  Acknowledge the gate keepers on your journey through
  •  Be a giver and
  •  Study to show thyself approved

Work and walk around with all of this, be silent, meditate upon it and watch things happen they way you imagined they will. HAPPY 2010!!!
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