Hair-cut (HeadAche)


I just have to thank God for this headache banging my head right now, it’s pretty much something I saw coming, I felt it even before the clipper started munching my hair, but still I am grateful; I thank Babaloke for the opportunity to hack down this hair again… it won’t be long before it gets long and interesting again.. yeah my hair grows fast and long.

I am also grateful for the way things dey go around me, my truck, school… everything!

I guess mine is a case of banana-eating-monkey, the other way round situation. I know a thousand people that will develop a migraine or headache if they don’t visit a barber in two weeks, but mine is a different ball game entirely. A visit to the barbers shop and a cold bath, and my head is here on my neck screaming for aspirin or some more potent pain killer, my body not liking the emptiness and the cringing hairless feeling.

I wonder why I went for the clean near-skin cut, I know it’s not because I got tired of my Afro… the afro is something I love and the look it gives me keeps me handsome and satisfied, I could have just brought it down a little and avoid this ground breaking headache, still can’t lay my hands on the real reason I went for the kill, now am paying for it. Trying to figure out the real reason, definitely it is not because my hair got half burnt (real flames no burns), or because I want to make den haters smile… now I hate the guilt I make them feel right now, and definitely not the smiles of friends that think I look beautiful on the low-cut, I mean without my afro. I don’t want to look beautiful, not for anybody, I just wanna be handsome and avoid the cat-calls have been getting all morning with my haircut.

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