Celebrating God’s ♥♥♥ on a day like this…10:03:2XXX


Singing 9ice’s song

No be mistake, say I dey celebrate
No be mistake, say I dey jubilate
No be mistake oh! Hay!
No be mistake oh! Hey! ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

Opo eyan lo ti mo, pe mo lolorun
Opo ojo loti ro, ti ilé ti fi mu
Join now as I celebrate
Make u come and jubilate
No be mistake oh! Hey! ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

I have every reason to celebrate God extremely today because I can see the scenes replay again, between Onipanu and Fadeyi along the Ikorodu express road on the 10th of March 2009. School was almost in sight, the last bus terminal was just ahead, I was already thinking about the lecture I was missing, GNS… something something taught by Mr. Adeosun. The bus conveying me to school was going at a considerably speed but not exceeding the limits for the service lane and I was not even thinking about it when it all happened. Yeah, I could see a bus right at the centre of the road, passenger alighting from it and my mind was on the things going on in school when I suddenly heard the driver screaming so loud “Brake ti fail! Brake ti fail!!” The next sound I heard was from our bus crashing hard into the static one. I crashed my head into the metal board separating the driving section from the rest of the bus, and my right knee into the protruding engine in front of me. Screams from surrounding and muffled groans from injured and displaced passengers on the bus, with injuries to tend to. All rushing to get out of the bus that as already come to a halt, I sat there asking myself, what just happened? Looking around me, I found the answers and with everybody around me scrambling for the door, I made my way to the front from the rubbles and eased out through the now large space left in place of the windscreen of the bus.

I started thanking God for keeping us all alive although I felt a sharp pain in my right knee, but I knew I could still move with it. I was moving to the side of the bus to see what was happening because it was like I wasn’t part of the accident when I noticed from a splinter of glass that was hanging that my nose and lips were broken, a closer look even revealed more, most of my teeth were displace with one of my lower canine pushed deep into my gum, I immediately deepened my hands into my mouth, feeling for the missing canine, I found it and with some effort not minding the supposed pain, I pulled it back out, knowing that if I don’t, it might be totally removed or get stuck in that very unusual and wrong position. I got some water (pure water), washed my bloody face and moved away from the scene of the accident, leaping a little from the pain in my knee and acting like I wasn’t a part of it. I picked up my phone, called Samson Adegunle and told him what just happened. With the pain getting more intense, I stopped a little, raising up my head I saw Wole coming down from the pedestrian bridge, I called him, he got me a bike and was driven down to the school medical center. Sam met me at the school gate, Olusola Runsewe, Bankole Bukola and others joined us at the medical center, and from there I was referred to the dental hospital with no bone broken in my legs and the dislocation corrected. Friends came around; Sola swung into full action, called her dad, a dentist. I was wheeled into ER, scans and scans and the report came in, multiple fractured and mobile canines and incisors; jaw intact; need a root canal operation on my teeth like 8 of them and splint zinc clamp was wired in to hold the teeth, a few days later, I got the operation done, went around with the metals on my jaw for month, was eating fluids like a babe but I never lost my smile. The rest is history ….

Now you know why today is special and why I can never stop being grateful? I’ve got smiles to share with friends and foes, because from that day onward, it has been almost impossible for me to stop smiling because I almost lost my smile. I use my tongue to feel the teeth in my mouth and believe me, it’s like counting my blessings every minute of everyday non-stop, never heard a reason to stop, am just so very grateful. If you are a friend, come rejoice with me, if you are a foe, please come and dance. The sounds are loud and the music is playing hard, we are all rejoicing together and we are singing out loud and proud sing along with me…

♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ ♪♪
Oseun Baba Baba
Baba O ma se,
Olorun mi Oseun Baba
Ose ooo! Uncountable Quadrillion times

Here are smiles and times and I will forever be grateful to friends for being there when I needed them most. Never knew I had so much of them. Thank you, you are all Appreciated, here are my Smiles all yours.

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