The Easter…All for Me


Even at birth He knew what was at stake, still He stayed back just for me and He stepped in in the rarest of ways. There in a manger with sheep and goats and mothers love, and yet His arrival was announced with a star rising from the North and men of wisdom trailing its path from the east. As soon as He arrived, He started giving up a lot just to save me sorry ass. The lives of all the babies is age, as many as they are He gave to the blades of Herod, just for Him to stay, just for me to be saved. As if that wasn’t enough, He tarried along, knowing what was ahead, He waited all the way, knowing what was ahead of Him and when the time came He said it. He hitched a ride of pride on that donkey, a sign He left for me to preserve myself for Him, and then He trekked the rest of the way to that dinner, where He gave His body and blood in bread and wine. Judas was there to betray Him, He knew but He cared less, the thought of me above all. From there it was all the way to Gethsemane where He took the cup for me, fixing the ear of Maluchus along His way to get unfixed at the cross.

Away with Him! Crucify Him!! Even after he was beaten battered and bruised for the things I was yet to do, and for the good health I was yet to receive. Bleeding profusely from the cuts of the whips, He accepted without a word the crown of thorn and the cross he bore for me. The cross was heavy, his muscles torn, yet he dragged it along all the way to Calvary just for me. The nails were hard and long, he saw it as it tore his flesh, broke His bones and held him still to that cross, the spear broke His ribs and bled His heart, but still, all He could think of doing was washing my clean in His blood He just shed to purchase me, a gentile from no man’s land.

Elohi, Elohi, lama sabachthani? When even The Father could not look on Him anymore for the weight of my sin that He bore at the cross, still in His love for me, right there and then He cried unto the Father to forgive me because I knew not what I have done. With the last of His strength He smiled at me and booked a date with me in Paradise that same night, He’s done it all, it is finished. Down to hell to set the records straight, no shaken by the shame or pain, still He broke my bounds and set me free from the clutches of the Hades and Death. Oh Death, Where is Thy Sting? O grave, where is thy victory? He it is finished, oh yes it is. Truly, He is the son of God.

all he did for me, and now His life He gave for me to be free. Now I am a son like him, glory be to God in the highest Hallelujah. Giving Him nothing, not even a reason to smile at me but still He gave up everything for me… Glory be to God Hallelujah!!.

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