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I think it’s the right time to get angry and write something, yes am angry (gidi gan ni). What is wrong with me self? For close to five/six months now I haven’t posted a single word on my blog and here I am reading other peoples work and I go oh! Ha! This is nice etc… (Rubbish… use your own brain too).

My silence is not because I haven’t had a thing to write about, in fact “me I get plenty things to talk about”, plenty many things to write about, not after travelling half round the world in three months, meeting new people, making both friends and foes in the course and especially the Boko Haram setup in my office ( I think I should concentrate on writing about this Boko Haram girl self), where they can’t just stop exploding due to what Yoruba’s call “Ilara”, it’s been a blend of funny and nice for me and I can’t help getting lost in the pool of thought provoking events that has been happening around me every day.
BOKO HARAM (BH), yes let’s take it from there… her name starts from B and she grew up in KD very close to the BH headquarters (that’s the only logical explanation for her intermittent sporadic **intentional tautology** explosions). Her problem is inexplicable because she’s got direct access to the boss but still she’s jealous of everything that happens around her, even when you take a cup of coffee more than she’s done… (I wonderment). She did it up to the level of planting a spy in the office by bringing a cleaner to monitor things and finally got that one kicked out of the equation. To cut the short story long (because am still going to give more gist about her later), she didn’t report for work on Monday on the pretense of being sick but suddenly showed up in the office after a call from her spy, raked like Rakia for a colleague that did nothing wrong right in front of my *** some text missing*** the thing got to him and he suddenly realized. The explosion got her partial expulsion aka suspension.

Back to me now!
After all that has been happening to me in recent times, I have gone from a good kingdom focused dude, to a bad frustrated “pikin” (near-post NYSC in Jigawa) dude to the post eletoral violence that got me running, going with the wind, flowing with the sway and suddenly getting lost, but thank God I found me when I found “Doing wrong is like a joke to a fool, but wisdom is pleasure to a man of understanding. Proverbs 10:23” I wasn’t a fool so why should I do wrong, so I followed wisdom and I found pleasure in it (Still looking for a wife though 😉 ).   

The awards and recognition, the job, fun, travels and work as taken me so bad that even Olusola Haleema Runsewe is feeling am far away (so sorry dearie, never stopped thinking about you). The sad part is that I made my pen that brought all this suffer the most and my blogging even more (sobbing). I miss my pen, I have misplaced most of my jotters and writing pads but now I found just one and for me, one is good enough… got my groove back and I know things can only get better from here.

My blogs and notes from now will be a blend of the past, the future and the present… I work with the spirit and I know that things can and will only get better from here. I miss me but now am back, so help me God. 


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