Teenage Syndrome

The New Wine

For some years now, I have noticed that I have some level of affinity for teenagers especially the females, so strong is this desire/attraction that i find myself trying to relate with or even get close to them. Some of my friends call me R.Kelly…(  I guess you know what that implies) and others simply see me as an “Agbaya”, sometimes I think about it, most times I wonder why situation is so but something clicked in my head this morning and i can’t just stop thanking God for the wonderful revelation.

The Old Wine

I also have this very strong affection for the motherless, fatherless and the orphans of this world, I have always nursed the idea of being the father and mother for the almost countless number of special kids in orphanages and special homes and institution devoted to the care of children whose parents are deceased or otherwise unable to care for them due to their special natures. So great is my desire to be used by God to cater and care for this children that I have told my parents to be prepared for a full house filled with adopted grand kids, and I have almost resolved to living a single life if that will be the best way to be there for this special ones without being distracted.

The New Mix

It is reported that 93% of the children in special home and orphanages are products of teenage pregnancy, 80% of the disabilities and defects found on this kids are caused either by attempted abortion by the teenage mother(s), complications during pregnancy and birth from under-developed reproductive systems or injuries sustained/diseases contacted from points where they were abandoned (most times these special ones are abandoned on dumpsites, gutters or even in the bush).

I got the new mix this morning while I was on my way one morning to work in a special part of Lagos. My long long desire to be the father of many nations as ordained in the Abrahamic covenant by taking full charge and shouldering the responsibility of all special kids that comes my way and making them mine by bringing them into the big big vineyard the Lord as prepared for them through me, and my very new interest in the very young female juveniles. I’m still trying to define it, but you know what; I just moved it to God’s SFGTD BOX so I can concentrate on how God is taking me to Peak. It’s a narrow path but for me it’s Uzoamaka all the way. Link a Child is doing a wow! Job already by bringing people to the need of many orphanages, I am designed for the master plan, just be on the look-out.

Popping Da Mix

The new hunch I got is like a two-edged sword. It is about educating and re-vamping the mind of the present day teenager and youths by re-orientating and the re-actualization of their core values and giving them a new page to write on, instilling in their mind kingdom values that will redefine and re-establish them as the future of the world.

Secondly, giving the orphans, the weak and hopeless a new home, strength and hope by being the their new father, voltron and giving them the shoulders to lean on all in one package.

The Syndrome

The syndrome is defined as a collection of signs and symptoms that together form a condition with a known outcome, and which requires special treatment. And teenagers are adolescents, a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity. From this definition, a teenager is not a child between the ages of 13-19, but the stages between puberty until you attain maturity. Too many 40yrs old adolescent roaming the planes and face of this planet.

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