Joyce Carol Vincent: The Irony of Who We Are


Pardon me for having to blog about this rare stance of life that I discovered through the story of this beautiful young woman that was reportedly found dead on a sit after three years of her demise and the life she lived before her death. Oh we all know about the life of Steve Jobs suddenly after his death, but this woman lived with the stars in the clouds that rained and reign during her years and yet she died and nobody noticed, not even the stars in her yester-years. 

How do we define the life she lived, Complicated or Glorious? How do we define her death, Mysterious? How do we define her, Unbelievably strange? “Her rent arrears were in thousands of £s and her electricity wasn’t cut off as well. Truly strange!” DoubleEph. No friend, not even family came knocking and she wasn’t an orphan. I think I will just  let life define itself, time to go plan how to live forever…

So long Joyce Carol Vincent.. The life you lived is now only seen on the walls and screens of cinemas, on the pages of tabloids and now on this link on the internet Joyce Carol Vincent .

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