Where Is My Pen?

The urge to ink my thoughts as usual has been striking and biting my being for months unending, not for the lack of what to write, but I just couldn’t find my pen.
I have got a whole rack of ball point pen with exclusive blood-life in them in colors and shades that suites the hands of the finest of writers, my writing pads are ready for all kinds of scribing that you could imagine but what I seek is not the pen that inks but that which fills the gap of thought and imagination, the pen that writes not words but wisdom, not tenses but values, not phrases but quotes that birth the changes we desire in all.
I have been locked in a voided world for longer than I could ever imagine I would endure, a world where value is priced and not valued for the worth of what it can produce or has produced, a country filled with exciting emptiness, where nothing is driven by value but the intrigues what could have produced value from the outside and from deep within. I have seen the earth rejoice over nothingness while the heavens hang like  bats in thought, hoping the lights that shines will be seen by all and not the shadows they see that seems to be the light they seek. I was lost in it until but now I have found me, but I lost my pen and I need to find my pen again.
I have almost settled for less but I am glad I am blessed, I almost lost my sting but below my jagged teeth still lies my venom (thanks to Baba for the 10th of March, 2009), I lost my sword but along the line I found my fighting style “Tai Shi Ka“. It’s victory for me, a new beginning and a real beginning for me. It’s the beginning of a new year for me and in it I must find my pen. Purpose Engendered Newness! That’s my pen..
Happy Birthday To Me!
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