Why the world is a “Piece of Shit”


A man once asked me … Why is the world so shitty and messed up, unfair and cranked and you keep telling me there is a God… I smiled and shared this story with him.

*A young man went into a barbers shop to have a cut and when the barber was done, he deeped into his pocket to pay the barber but the barber refused to collect a dime from him.. He simply told him

“I assume this is your first time here, the cuts are free”

the young man was astonished and he asked..

“then why are all those people outside going around looking so unkept, why don’t you just go ahead and give then a clean cut and make them look good?”

the old barber answered with a calm voice

“I will gladly make them look good only if they come to me, the shop is open all day long and as you can see, there are empty sits and barbers on standby, there is even a sign on the door that says it is free, I was surprised you didnt notice it because they sometimes read it aloud and laugh as they walk by but they just refuse to walk in through that door. I would have loved to go after them but then my clippers won’t be working without being plugged in to a power source. My son, a few people have walked in just like you did and when they go out and tell them the cuts are really free, they just mock them and say how can that be? Nothing is free anywhere but the truth  is that this shop is powered by a rich philantropist so we are never in need of money or resources because we have a strong backbone. Go on, go out and tell them maybe a few will come… we’ve had some referals but most of the people that have made it down here are the rare ones like you with genuine desire to look and feel good.”*

The world is shitty because we choose to stay away from God. He gave us choice and we abused it, we daily lean on our own understanding instead of tapping into the freely given resources of the kingdom that God made available for us in abundant measure. We want to be the defining factor when we should connect with the one that defined us and made us who we are.. I bet no product can define its use, the maker does the definition of purpose. We are like cars trying to swim because we see boats doing it, then we end up in murky waters and complain the manufacturer is not caring or even claim the maker doesn’t exist at all. Where I come from, there is a proverbial saying that goes does ” A stream that decides to disconnect or forget its source will definitely run dry”. That’s what happens to us when we play Mr. Intelligent and dissociate or try to live without the existence of God the maker of all things…

The fool says in his heart, there is no God…. Ps 14.1….

Quit looking miserable, the barber’s shop is still open today, sits are still very empty….. 🙁  Will you walk in and get a free cut?

New York Hair Salon Provides Free Haircuts To Unemployed

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