If GEJ is a building contractor elected by Nigerians and he employs labourers with an average age of 70 to do the job while 80% of the youth in the population are not breaking a sweat, then something needs to be changed. If the ongoing National Conference (NC) was initiated towards redefining Nigeria and building her walls to make her a better country for her people, and the average age of the delegation is 61, while Nigeria as a nation is over 75% youths with and“one third of her population is young people between the ages of 10 to 24 years” according to UNFPA in 2011, then the national conference is not for the future but for the past because the future is not represented. All the members need to be sacked because they are not fit enough or in any physical or mental position to redefine or rebuild or define the path to repositioning Nigeria. They are too old, too weak and too tired to produce any true resolution or referendum that will change the lots of Nigeria or liberate her from “The Wolves of Niger Area” aka Corruption.
A few days ago, I read that the ongoing National “Sleepers” Conference and jamboree under the Order 13(3) of its draft Rules of Procedure, indicates that the final report of the Retirees Conference is expected to be submitted to President Goodluck Jonathan. Delegates present argued that they have wide-reaching powers and could even amend the Constitution or draft a new one entirely. Some delegates even kicked against any move to subject the report of the Conference to the scrutiny of the National Assembly, arguing that the legislature has always killed previous reports, making sane references and facts.  A delegate Olaniwun Ajayi said

“If by any mistake, the decision of the Conference is sent to the National Assembly, it will end just like others. The problems we have been facing for 54 years will not be solved. We will be on the wrong side of history by submitting our report to the National Assembly (NASS). We should send to the people of Nigeria through a referendum and say, we the people.”

And with this he called for the amendment of Order 13(3) to empower the Conference to send its report to Nigerians to take a decision on it through a referendum.
A few of our former “Yes Men” (Click the “Yes Men” to find out who they are) like Ken Nnamani argued for the status quo. He referred to our failed constitution and his lame ex-colleagues in the NASS as the superintendent law custodian even though he admitted that the elections that placed them in the offices to torment the citizens were flawed and delivered in irregularities.
Hassan Rilwan drew attention to Order 13 (2) that said the final report must be passed by delegates before it is signed by the Conference leadership and he further argued that youths have been marginalised, he called that they should be given opportunity to address issues on the floor. He buttressed his point by saying

“Most of those who are here caused some of the problems we are facing today…”

And  soon as he sat down, the conference continued with the unrepentant, dirty, sleeping, old cankerworms overseeing the conference (in dream land off course) agreeing that the report goes to the president.
How on earth does GEJ expect people that got it wrong out of greed in their youth to stand up to correct their wrong when they are already tired, old and sleepy, and still demanding respect for failing, living without anything worth living for, hoping that what they have stolen from Nigeria will keep their children rich forever be expected to deliver a worthy document? But never say never! Old men pray better and with the death of Hamma Missau, our referendum is already being given a celestial ratification in the heavens.
I shrink every time I hear the argument that the constitution must be followed, that the law of the land must be respected, yes it is true but that should be said only when the law is in the interest of the people and not some people. A law that convicts a man for murder on investigative assumption but allows a governor, whose convoy kills an activist to ride free on the ground of immunity, jails a man for allegedly stealing 10k but discharges a criminal like “Ibori” and grants a pension thief in billions a bail of 100k. Allow a minister that can’t account for $43Bn fly a private jet on the country’s purse, and maintains a Presidential Special Adviser “Reno Mockery” guilty of a felony in an exalted office with benefits. That constitution should be thrown in the trash. The law of the land as failed “We the people” a million times, why should failure still be held as the guiding principle on a journey towards rescuing Nigeria from the claws of this decay we daily decry? I think our resolve should not be sitting to watch things go wrong, but we must be patient, lest we break the pot that should hold our flower.
The rule of law should be honoured and respected but should never be a “blank cache” situation. In Nigeria, it has so far only brought pain on the citizens and I think for once the people should be allowed to choose where they want to go. The 1999 constitution was not constituted by the people let alone young people, it was crafted by the military for the people and it has only left a big hole in our pockets and life as a nation. This constitution being stoutly guided by this NASS as failed to protect the people, curb corruption or punish corrupt leaders, build Nigeria or maintain her sanity, the only thing it as succeeded in doing is ensuring that looters and killers are recycled every year, leaving the real generation of Nigerians that should be in the driving sit not even on the back sit, but at the bus-stop, waiting for a bus that might never arrive. I think this is an opportunity for the people to get on the bus at least, maybe this time, we will get the chance to guide the drivers to destination Nigeria.
Since we can’t stop the National Conference, in my OPINION, the confab should present a report that calls for a referendum, allowing the people to have an input in the direction or course their lives should take. A constitution that does not represent my interest should not be forced down my throat when it can be reviewed or even sacked for a new one. In every sane society, the constitution was instituted by the people’s true representative, ours was instituted by the military and has been managed for years by retired military men and party representatives that are only representing the interest of a group of people with their name starting, braced or ending with a “P” and thus they’ve only been able to feed our lives with Problems and not Peace as we desire, if there is a chance to change this, then we must take the chance.

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