Loving All Unconditionally

I found myself praying for GEJ, BH et al.. this evening and I felt strange about it because my head kept telling me otherwise, but something in me just had to say the prayers and some minutes after I did, I ran into this on the page of my childhood friend, (he’s technically a priest now though) and it answered all for me.
“One of the most difficult teaching of Christ is what we encounter today. “The law of Talion” otherwise known as the law of retaliation. This law explains clearly the type of human relationship lived many years before Christ “eye for eye, tooth for tooth”. No doubt man is a social and political being that lives in community. He cannot live alone without the other person. In his relationship with the other, he encounters comfort and discomfort, happiness and sad moments. Thus to those who give him happiness he calls friends and to those who make him sad, he tags as enemies. To those who show concern about his well being he calls friends and to those he is not comfortable with he calls enemies. This disparity has long existed even before the birth of Christ but the paradigmatic change he brought came as a surprise to many. Thus this makes us ask, is it possible to really love one´s enemies? if it is possible then why do we cast HOLY GHOST FIRE against others?
The simple truth in Jesus´ injunction is very simple. Holiness is an attribute of God in which man is been called to partake. In other to be like HIM i.e. to be Holy like God, we too must learn not to make separation between Jews and gentiles but see every mankind as creation from the same Author. When we begin to separate friends from enemies then we cannot truly love all as Christ did. thus we need to be merciful not only to our friends but to also to those who we do not consider as friends.
I therefore pray for you dear friends that whatever will separate you from the love of God will never come to you nor to your family. May his love continue to radiate upon you and all that you do.”

 3JOHN 1:2|KJVBeloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Written By: Temidayo Eyeowa

Loving unconditionally does not eliminate standing up for what is true and right… Remember you must do the business of your Father in Heaven, even love is not an excuse for not doing His will and staying right.

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  • People have been taught to distinguish who to love on basis of both ideological and physical differences (tribe, location, colour etc). Religious leaders have failed in championing spirituality by favoring preaching mainly on personal salvation and prosperity. We must change the dimensions by which we view our religious duty to focus on the main commandment of loving thy neighbour regardless of creed, Sexual orientation, tribe, colour etc. Brilliant write up.

By Babaolowo