Leading The Way To Saving My Sisters #BringBackOurGirls

It’s 22 days already and have waited this long before making any directed comment(s) about the 234 girls (whatever the number, there was kidnap) that were abducted and shoved into captivity from Chibok, a town in Borno State, Nigeria. My silence was not golden though because I’d reacted to the situation in so many ways already and here I am clearing the air on it my own way. I don’t care how, but we must #BringBackOurGirls since it is true that at least, a girl or two has been kidnapped.
I find it quite nauseating and more like a refulgent decay when some people dwell more on the inconsistency of the number of victims, instead of facing the fact that young Nigerian girls had been kidnapped and needs to be rescued. For those that felt it was a charade, a hoax; I totally understand your stance on it. Living in a society where everything has been politicized is more than a burden for any sane mind to bear, let alone the overnight disappearance of close to 300 girls that were supposedly writing WAEC. The sound of bomb blast now makes a  normal day more like a day in December, loud bangs and burning ebb, the flip is that the bangs is no firecrackers, neither are the burning ebbs. From Kano to Abuja, bus parks are now littered with burning flesh and the blood of innocent Nigerians had permeated the earth to just a layer below. The walls of schools in Yola and Yobe are marred with the bloodstains of young Nigerians who sort the path of knowledge, villagers can’t flee no more because mercenaries in Fulani gabs have taken not just their cows, but the forest as well, and now my sisters are going to be tagged for sale in the flea market by Shekau, a delusional fiend who displays allegiance to some demon under the cloak of Islam. Now we know it’s not a hoax, so let us act in this wise towards bringing back my sisters from the den of this terrorists.
I am not qualified to be referred to as someone that understands Hausa, but I saw the video released by Shekau and I am sure I heard him mention girls, market , his reference to marriage and even a number that is above 200, that’s how bad my Hausa is. I believe with this information alone, we are closer to getting my sisters back than we were days before the video came out, and more support from those who didn’t believe.
Quoting my brother Oluwatoyin although I don’t agree with his call on Shettima to do the job.

You may call me names but I don’t give a hoot. The case of the adopted girls have been resolved since Shekau has agreed to sell them. I will suggest that Borno State government make adequate arrangements to buy back at very good price. QED...”

The proposition of selling this girls is a loophole that must be explored to get them back, whether the market is Sambisa forest, Cameroun or Lake Chad, I believe the abductor cum seller will try as much as he can to keep the girls turned merchandize in good shape for the market. To save all of my sisters together in one piece, we must identify the market place and be ready to purchase not just the girls, but the head of Shekau and his accomplice along with it. I read online via AFP that two of the girls are dead already from snake bites, and that some others are ill, we must act fast as a nation, get in and get everything out all at once. The great part is that I know the road to this market but I don’t know where the market is, perhaps we can find it together.

Everytime BH had release a video or vital information in recent times (I don’t know about the past), it has been through AFP. I want to assume that there is a journalist in AFP that knows a reporter in the BH camp and I think once AFP can provide this missing link, we are on our way to the human market. There is no way AFP in France is always privy of such vital information about the sect if there is no direct, cordial relationship between agents of both parties involved in this information racket. Since there were reports already that Cameroun has been attacked, I think it’s time for the Nigerian government to contact and form alliance with their French counterpart, finger the link between AFP and BH and we’ll be on our way to where we’ll find and free the girls, and also end this war. I remember a French family was abducted many months ago by this same sect, and communication was established and they were freed at last. Something keeps telling me that link still exist and it must be explored to free my sisters (those that had been kidnapped earlier and the Chibok girls).  Like Piers Morgan rightly said on Twitter as seen in grab…
Let’s pretend these are not my sisters but your sisters, the daughters of your father and children of your mother, let’s act like they were the daughters of Merkel or the nieces of Obama that were kidnapped on a visit to Nigeria, let’s not wait for GEJ anymore since he’s proven beyond reasonable doubt that he knoweth not the right step to take, let’s act now and not wait a little more. America didn’t need the permission of Kaddafi before they overran  his borders to kill him, you don’t need the permission of our president “O! yee! France!”… Our rulers are busy politicking and we can’t wait for their stupidity to recede any longer because it’s only getting worst, the first ladies (Mrs. GEJ & Mrs. Shettima) are crying vulture tears while their husbands are arguing and shifting responsibilities, we’ve had enough already, we can’t loose more citizens, soldiers or time on this.
We The People Of Nigeria call on everybody in the world that can do a thing about this to come to our aid and #BringBackOurGirls.
I am Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo
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  • If it is possible to locate where this market is then surely it wont be a bad idea to get the girls back from there, but then again this man cannot be trusted to keep to his words. I guess given the looks of things our options are truly limited.

  • @CubixThoughts: The truth doesn't exist in a man like Shekau and that is the truth. We must save lil sisters anyhow… Even if the news is a lie, that no girl has been kidnapped, i still want the head of Shekau… This can't be a door to December already, there must be a way out.

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