A Letter To The SANE World #BringBackOurGirls

Yesterday I called on the sane world to come to our aid in rescuing my sisters from Chibok in my essay where I enumerated “Steps We Can To #BringBackOurGirls”.  It’ s a great news to see The USA, China and UK rise up to throw in their weight and experience, although I am still a strong believer that we could have solved our problems by ourselves only if we had a leadership in place, and a government that listens to the voice of the people.
Without digressing from the message of this article, I will like to clearly lay down the simple reason behind my call for help, even though I am still a staunch believer in the ability of the Nigerian state to rid of BH only if she was sincere in ridding of it. There is a Yoruba adage that says “Oole ni nmese ole too lori apata” translated “Only a thief knows how to trace the footstep of another thief in a rocky terrain” you know rocks don’t show imprints or foot prints when you step on it, so the meaning is “The most likely person to know how to solve a problem is someone who created the problem and knows how it works.” Don’t get agitated already, I am right and I am counting on the American, UK etc experience in solving this problem faster and with less casualties. The west invented terrorism, guns, bombs and all the tools of the trade, the part the Arab world is playing is probably inventing Extreme Islam and financing the insurgent.
Dear developed world and countries, the last time Nigerians made Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) was in Biafra (Ojukwu’s Camp), not the ones you saw in that Shekau’s video, those are probably American or Russian spec. The guns look unfamiliar too, they are not Akwa made, more sophisticated than the one my great grandfathers fought with in “Ogun Remo” or “Ogun Ijemo“, no scent of “Ogun” the god of iron on them, probably from Israel or Russia or even America, no “Ayeta/Odeshi” can stop the bullets they carry, that’s why Shekau and gang had bullet proofs on, I think the bullet proof looks like something made in China. I hope someone agrees with me.
It took America ten good years to find Osama Bin Laden, perhaps he gave birth to more sons and left a legacy before he got killed by Obama, the Malaysian plan, a wonderful piece of technology with loads of beacons and techs for finding locations from thousands of miles in the air is still missing even though the best men and technologies in the world are at sea searching endlessly.
Dear America, my call for help is not a call for imperial invasion or re-colonization, it is a genuine call for help and I am calling so that we can leverage on your experience in “Search And Rescue” of humans as seen in Hollywood movies you’ve made, not what we’ve seen in reality so that we can have my sisters back at home in no time. I know America for what she is, a nation that stands to protect Americans at any cost. We’ve seen the result of your visit to Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and more recently Lybia amongst other places, and we are still in shock of the unfathomable fit you achieved everywhere you go. Remember that this is an INVITATION and not your VISITATION, so we implore you to please concentrate on bringing back our girls and getting your sexy ass out of Nigeria ASAP.
I won’t patronize the idea of you being the mastermind of division in Nigeria although I know you’ve been training your Army for a possible breakout of war in Nigeria since 2011. I know you are mad at us for being so strong in Africa, in fact our presence in ECOMOG and UN related peace-keeping efforts forced you to invent ACRI and when that didn’t change much, you upgraded to AFRICOM. We know you are still mad at us for rejecting your interest in locating AFRICOM headquarters in Nigeria during the days of Obansanjo, we are sorry about that but this is still A CRY FOR HELP! and not an invitation for you to move AFRICOM to Nigeria, just get in and get our girls out as fast as you can, and GET OUT.
We are indeed serious about you helping us get our girls out, we could have done it ourselves but Dame Patience Jonathan is stronger than GEJ, and together they are clueless and in charge. His advisers are busy looting and coining up propaganda, and our Elder State Men are busy with ethnicity that they have forgotten that “Chibok” is first a Nigerian entity just like “RumuApu” in Port Harcourt or “Ayobo” in Lagos. To us, the baby that was saved in the rubbles of “Nyanya” first bomb blast is as important as the brother of Arc. Sambo our VP and she’s worth every attention she can get just like those we lost to the greed of Moro Abba during the nationwide employment scam. We are very serious about your getting out as fast as you can because once this is over, we will take over from there. Do it the commando style and we will be glad to welcome my sisters into a safer Nigeria from 2015. Don’t worry about re-enlisting us on the VISA  lottery roll, Yankee as done enough to home (not house) hundreds of thousands of Nigerians for years uncountable, and having a Kenyan president is indeed a bigger honour for Africa, we will apply when we need visa and we will get out as soon as we’re done. I am honourable so be honourable enough to help save our girls and move out.
We’ve learnt so much about nationhood from your examples, we are not on the trail of a forceful world domination, neither a we interested in the lots of others… we still have problems managing our own resources (human and natural), we are not your enemies, so don’t make one out of us because we are defining the terms of your engagement. Remember GEJ said the money we make is already your money, the loans “no be small matter”, we owe you a lot already so don’t stay too long so that our debt don’t increase beyond borders. Just Get In, #BringBackOurGirls and Get Out.
Yours sincerely,
I am Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo
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