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Every time I see a Benz drive by, I don’t admire it, I remember you… I remember how we argue to defend our choice of German machines…and I always win. I’m still a sucker for BMWs, maybe I’ll buy one Benz just for the lovely memory of you Oshiboy… Though we were friends, you were that lil bro I never had…the realest human I ever came across so far and the most down to earth of all my friends..
I remember just like yesterday, the last time I saw you…it was behind Methodist primary school, my alma mater, just a stone throw from your street. I was on my way home from somewhere I can’t remember right now, I had just survived an accident a few weeks before, my mouth was splinted heavily with zinc and I walked with a slight limp that only you seem to notice of all the people I met on the road that day… No one saw the difference but you did…that’s how rare you were, you kept every bit of your friends in you, I’m glad I noticed, maybe I’m the only one in the whole of Ipaja that did. You were as restless as ever, and with a promise to come see later, you breeze off… I never knew it was going to be the last time I will see your ugly, chubby, lovely face.
I remember you driving down to the sawmill to see me where I was keeping it real & earning my street cred…everytime you got the chance, you identified with me when the hustle was down and dirty, nothing else mattered, you were a brother for real… We ate suya together under my yellow umbrella by the road side, the girls don’t matter when it comes to your friend, you stayed real, more than a friend. We talked about the girls, even Zainab your lil sister…and you were always like “guy go for my elder sis if you don’t want my dad to kill you”,we made funny jokes, listened to music…even though I could count the number hours we spent together. I remember when Lucky Dube was killed, I was in your house a day after, we played his music loud and drank together some juice, pretending to be sober…everything was normal then, but now…everything feels special.
I can’t remember you ever owning a phone for a week, you are never sure about your email, your Facebook account was like a miracle, the only thing that was certain about you was the clothes you had on, and your father’s house address… You lived on the fast lane Emmanuel Oshiame, you only lived for the moment, the next day was never your priority, even when you dreamed about it aloud. I don’t know what to miss about you, I just miss you.
Just last month, I was with Zainab in London… She took me out for a drink and I told her I was always coming to your house because of her and that you knew about it… She just couldn’t react, she knew you were just one hell of a crazy brother. She told me about your death back in 2009, I can remember going blank on Skype when she did… Her words were “You still saw him in April? That’s recent now, he died shortly after then, how I wish I saw him in April, maybe I won’t be missing him this much..”
I can’t wish for April because I know that April will never come… I’m not blank anymore though, I feel alive now with thought of you… No heaviness, no pain, just the beauty of those mins we shared and how priceless they were… I’m sure you still remember Kenny Seyi Marcus … I remember telling you I told her about Seun and you were like “…now you owe me a beer, but that’s after I apologize to Kenny”. I’m almost sure you never did.. too crazy to have the time.. I miss that craziness Oshiboy, and on a day like this, I remember you with no tears… I’m glad earth felt your warmth, I’m looking forward to hanging out with you again when Jesus returns… But till then… Life Goes On Emmanuel … Life Goes On…
I really thought we will grow up together to see tomorrow but you couldn’t make it, now I am really looking forward to eternity, a place where we will be friends forever. #StayImmortal
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