In continuation of his response to Mr. President’s address at his declaration on 11/11/2014, Williams J.K.F continues to share insights on not just how Jonathan has failed, but suggesting how he could have done better in an article he titled “Mr. President, All I Need Are Explanations And Convincing Way Forward”.
In our opinion, this is an awakening, and we hope somebody in the office of the presidency in Nigeria is reading this to the president. Here’s the letter:

“Mr. President, All I Need Are Explanations And Convincing Way Forward.”

Good day Mr. President, and congratulations on your yesterday’s declaration. Well, I wrote you yesterday and some section of your fans wanted to lynch me online. One of them even took it upon himself to kill me on your behalf by threatening me through private chats; he accused me of not having respect and asking if I can talk to my father the way I “talked” to you yesterday. Though I duly replied him that if you were to be my father, I would have talked to you more than that since I will be the one facing the heat outside. In summary sir, please pardon me on my confrontation and also forgive me in advance on the other questions I want to ask. All I need today are just explanations and convincing way forward, either from you, from the admin of your page or from those who think you need to continue. Thank you in anticipation for positive consideration sir.
Mr. President, from your body language and distraction anthem your fans are hammering on concerning the issues of security, it seems “your hands are tied” again or you have been totally distracted as well, because the security is so porous to the extent that Boko Haram now share fliers in Barracks. Let me remind you of another leader in the past who was also “distracted by his enemies” but prevailed. Let me take you back to 2001 when Osama and his boys (Advanced Boko Haram) bombed America in September 11, 2001, their President (George W. Bush) then was the rallying point for his people, there were pains in his heart, yet his body language was relieving and his voice reassuring. This was what George Bush told the American people; “Tonight, we are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom. Our grief has turned to anger and anger to resolution. Whether we bring our enemies to justice or we bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done”. After the address, he moved into action immediately and make sure that their version of Boko Haram never strike again in his land. Meanwhile after a terrorist attack in Nigeria in 2012, this was what you said sir; “…Calm down. Terrorist attacks happen everywhere…”. Now sir, let us compare your statement to Bush’s statement. If your enemies are the Boko Haram as we all presumed and you yourself accepted, I wonder why you are still sparing your enemies. If your enemies are ghosts and faceless as you claimed Sir, I wonder the spiritual method you are using to negotiate with ghosts. Sir, you are the Commander-in-Chief, after God, you are the most powerful man in Nigeria, the “First-born”, the Number One citizen, the rallying-point and first father of the most populous black nation on earth! If your hands are tied, what will be the fate of the rest of us? Mr. President, since your hands are not tied to declare re-election, please sir, I need an explanation on the insecurity.
Mr. President, on the issue of the abducted future wives, mothers, custodians and heroines of this country by these same sects, please Sir, if one of them were to be your daughter, will they still be there? Mr. President Sir, incase you are not pondering what I’m pondering; I can imagine these girls with ages ranging from 16 to 22 being sexually assaulted everyday! I can imagine some of these girls, out of fear and struggle of preventing these fools from touching them being beaten, tortured and subjected to inhuman treatments. I can imagine the mercilessness with which the criminals will force themselves into these girls, some of whom would still be virgins and experiencing it for the first time with criminals. I can imagine these girls sleeping on a bare ground of a cursed forest, an environment polluted with guns, deceased bodies, bullets, filth, sorrows, tears and blood. I can imagine these innocent girls being infected with diseases….out of no fault of theirs, but the ill luck of being Nigerians. I can imagine these girls so dirty, since they have no new clothes to wear and no adequate water to bath. I can imagine some of these girls on their monthly periods with no sanitary pads and necessary items to use. I can imagine some of these girls with health issues without treatment since the fools even abhor western education. I can imagine some of these girls developing mental disorder since they have never been subjected to these kinds of inhuman treatments in their little years of existence. I can imagine some of these girls contacting diseases in a bush filled with human bodies, nauseating odours, rodents, reptiles, ants, flies, mosquitoes etc. I can imagine these girls getting leaner everyday as a result of inadequate food supplies. I can imagine these girls cursing the day they were born as a result of the unbearable treatments they were subjecting them to. I can imagine the skin of these girls changing since they are not used to that kind of environment. I have to stop here sir as my emotion has taken the better part of me.
Mr. President, this is more than 230 days; 230 days of pains for these queens, 230 days of sexual abuse, 230 days of trauma, 230 days of psychological moratorium, 230 of mental disorder, 230 of emotional disorientation, 230 of moral fragmentation, Mr. President, more than 230 days of cries sir by these damsels. Put yourself in their shoes sir, their only sin is because they found themselves in a country where their leaders are heartless and the opposition are inconsiderate. Mr. President, please explain to me what I don’t understand on this issue.
Mr. President Sir, on the youths, though many of them are singing your praises that you are the best that has happened to their existence, but sir, for those of us who are not too impressed, let us revisit the immigration exercise that killed nothing less than 27 vibrant and promising youths including a pregnant lady. For your information sir, out of the approximately 170 million Nigerians, 70% are made up of the youths, meaning we have 119 million youths! Among these 119 million, only 13% (15,470,000) are gainfully employed, while the rest 103,530,000 are either “grudgingly” employed, under-employed or “totally” unemployed! I might be wrong sir, but I’m not too far from the truth.
Incase you don’t know sir, many centers across the country did not even write the exams; Lagos State did not write exams despite extortion and deliberate increase in writing materials. Kogi state did not write exams as the centre was converted to a delivery room as 2 pregnant job seekers delivered successfully. Did I hear you saying “Praise The Lord!”? I join you in saying “Alhamdulillahi” (I hope I got it), but they might have delivered out of stress since there was no sign of “labour” before they left their various houses. Abia state did not see exam papers until 7pm! Portharccourt did not write any exams either, neither did many states. Abuja recorded the highest casualties as the stadium was converted to a slaughter centre. Though the Comptroller-General came out on national televisions to “thank” Nigerians for the “success” of the exercise and promised to “do more”. I’m still praying for the comptroller till today; his children and grandchildren will share from the “successes” of the affected youths too. Now sir, you never revisited that ugly casualty, you never mentioned it anywhere, you never commiserate with the parents of these fallen Nigerians. Sir, till today, no arrest, no query, no enquiry, no remorse, nothing! Sir, please explain what I don’t underhand in this area.
I have lots to ask you Sir, but I have to wait for the replies of the ones I have asked. All I just need are convincing explanations sir. I know you know that I have reasons to ask you since I campaigned and voted for you, so I have reason to know what you have done with the trust I invested in you and on you Sir.
Once again Sir, in this country, hunger should not be a recurrent thing in our lives. Unemployment should not be a genetic thing. Poverty should not be an inheritance. Okrika should not be a family tradition. Begging should not be a custom. We deserve employment, good governance, accountability, social and infrastructural amenities and sound education for all. This is what our country need, I have plenty of confidence in this country, but are we short of good men to place our confidence in? I doubt it, I believe you are equal to the task, but please convince me with your explanations.

Thank you sir.

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