After barrages of attacks from the defenders of Goodluck Jonathan’s administration in Nigeria, the fearless Williams J.K.F who has been inking his opinion in response to the address of Goodluck during his 2015 ambition declaration takes on the defenders of the Nigerian president in another classic, insight-filled letter. This patriotic Nigerian seems to be loaded with the right antidote for mediocrity, here the juice of the letter begins on the next line you will be reading.
“Good morning “defenders” of our president and finally, good morning, Mr. President. The calls and messages I received yesterday was overwhelming just because of “simple” questions we asked our president. But instead allowing Mr. President to reply our questions himself or even through Mr. Rueben Abbati, the “defenders” took it upon themselves to accuse and abuse me. None of them mentioned anything reasonable, the only rant I’m hearing is that I’m inciting the youths against the president. It’s either I don’t know the meaning of the adjective (incite) or it was just wrongly used. Because you can’t incite those who know and understand condition(s). Again, some section said the president is not at fault but the people working for him or working with him and as such what he need from us is prayers and fasting. Based on this, I’m going to reply fully to those who think what the president need is not criticism (either constructive or venomous), but our prayers and fasting. Fellow comrade and “defenders”, follow me as I explain myself again…
On our refineries, it’s either I’m wrongly informed or I’m not in this country, this is the sixth years in office of Mr. President, please tell me, how many refinery(ies) has/have been constructed in the last six years? All we hear everyday are “rehabilitating”, “repairing”, “renewing” etc of the old ones. Are there no land again in Nigeria to build more? How many months does it take to build a refinery? How can our country be buying what we have in abundant? How can the children of a great hunter be eating legs of chickens? Where are we on refinery please? If our president cannot add more refinery(ies) in six years, how can he add in the next four years? Since the “defenders” have taken his case upon themselves, I wish they can constructively convince me on this.
On the recently concluded National Conference, the delegates (485 in number) were paid a weekly “remuneration” of N1.4 million each. This money were paid directly into each delegate’s personal account. And guess what, the money was paid like that until they finished the conference. N1.4 Million weekly! And when asked, the president said; “Its just a pastry gift in appreciation of their dedication and seriousness to move the country forward”. I’m not jealous of the money, far from it, but the promptness and dexterity in which our president handled the case is encouraging, despite the fact that most of them are either sleeping or paying scrabbles. If the same seriousness is given to all our sectors, we could have gone far than this.
I will encourage the defenders of our President to read about Taiwan. ‘Why Taiwan?’ you may ask, well, Taiwan is a barren rock-laden country with virtually no mineral resources in commercial quantity, in fact, Taiwan need to export sand from China for their constructions, but guess what? Taiwan is the fourth richest country in term of GDP. What did their reasonable leaders did? Instead of their president giving gifts to less than 500 “brilliant and outstanding” delegates, he shared the gifts to all his less than 30 million citizens; he gave substantial educational gift to his fellow citizens, he gave reasonable electricity gift to his people, he gave appreciable medical and health care gifts to his country, he gave considerable transportation, employment, security and good governance gifts to his people. That is why Taiwan is where they are today. I want the defenders of our President to swear if they have never used Taiwan products before? That is the outcome of the rigorous work their president embarked on, that is what I call real good luck.
The N1.8 million daily “feeding” money of the president is enough proof that he does not need my fasting. How can I fast for someone who uses over One Billion Naira to feed in a year? With 30 million naira budgeted for the feeding of just 2 lions in Aso Rock, I want those who say I should be praying for the President daily to give me one reason why he need my prayer and the prayers of others who he has betrayed. Are you saying that the lives of Two animals are worth more than ours? The N1.6 Billion spent on “repairing” one out of the 7 aircrafts can change the lives of many graduates. To the defenders, should I continue?
On corruption, hmmmmmmmn. EOD. ICPC has become a ghost and the eagle logo of EFCC has been stylishly changed to parrot. During the period of OBJ, even if people are accusing Obasanjo then that he’s using these anti-corruption agencies to witch-hunt his enemies, at least we are seeing results. Even his fellow people are not spared; Police Heads, Politicians, Legislators, Governors etc were also exposed and many prosecuted. To the defenders, lets assume fighting corruption is “witch-hunting”, how many people has our president been able to “Witch-hunt” in the last six years?
The defenders should realise that we are in this together, so its either we do it right or we get it right. If nothing is being done by us now, if we still continue in sentiments, if we still engage in regional sympathy, our unborn children will not forgive us, the coming generations will not be impressed by us.
Hope is a feeling that better things lie ahead. But hope only makes sense where it can be converted to reality. I hope our wishfulness will be converted to reality. Because we were not suppose to know and understand the meaning of poverty in this great country. Pessimism should not be the best way to express our emotional feelings towards this country. We all deserve better than what we are getting. We were not suppose to be brought up this way. But if the defenders think we can all be bought, coerced or sweet-talked, then they should expect the unexpected. I want you (the defenders) and Mr. President to know that there is a limit to hope! Reasonable people, good morning.”
Williams J.K. Fortune
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