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Before you read this, please grab a Bible because you will need it to confirm the truth. I got to writing this today after reading the post my brother Williams JFK titled “Men Of God Nigeria Plc” .
I learnt the truth about tithing and giving a while ago but I am surprised this just gave me a profound reason to reshare it. I will continue to share it for as much as I can and I hope that we as humans can jump out of the cloak of religion and embrace the truth of the word of God. Before I proceed, I will like to remind you that Jesus is not a Christian so I don’t call myself one (be the judge of that). Jesus is not a respecter of men; in fact, he dealt heavily with the pastors of old aka Pharisees so it is my duty today to do the same. I don’t fear position or people, I fear God and I speak the truth of his word. Don’t jump to 1 Chr 16:22 start reading from the first verse and you will see that the anointed the Bible referred to were the Children of Israel aka You and I and not your Pastor so when you hear “Touch Not My Anointed”, remember this, God is talking about me, NOT YOUR PASTOR. I hope you are with your Bible.
What your pastors have been telling you about tithing and giving is just pure lies…My brother, you’ve been scammed heavily. God did not ask you to bring money as tithes, he never did, and in fact the Bible categorically instructed that when you convert your tithe to money, EAT IT. I use to pay tithes too; I believed their lies heavily but hey! I found the truth somehow.
I started with reasoning. Why should I give my money to a pastor that has his own business, a business he probably started with our money…is my Pastor a Levite? NO! Is he or she a widow or destitute? NO! so why should I share my tithe with him because those are the people God instructed me to share my tithe with…and that’s if I choose to tithe sef.
Let me give you some background.
In Gen 14:20… Abram gave Melchizedek 10% of the spoil he took when he defeated Chedorlaomer and the kings who were with him and gave the remaining 90% to the king of Sodom without taking anything…. He didn’t give his money or profit or anything from his livestock, he gave them the spoils of a war he won and he did that only once, not every month or every year, just once in his life time.
If any pastor comes to you screaming “Abraham gave a tithe of all” tell him you have not won a war recently… so there is no spoil to share.
If you think I’m wrong, read your Bible yourself and stop waiting for your pastor to read it for you. If you want to know why I eat my tithe, I will tell you, the Bible instructed tithers to eat it.
Read Deut. 14 from verse 22 to the end.
Jesus didn’t ask me to pay tithe, the only time he mentioned tithe in the bible, he was scolding the Pharisees for ignoring the weightiest matter of all which is Godliness. Jesus does not need my 10%, he needs me, HE owns me 100% and HE does not need my money… If HE owns you, then he owns everything you have because HE gave YOU in the first place.
The truth is not what your pastor says; the truth is in the Bible. I don’t pay tithes anymore, in fact I don’t work under any law because I am not cursed. God does not bless you because you paid your tithe; he blesses you because he wants you to be a blessing to others and he doesn’t need your tithe to do that. Don’t be scared; don’t let anyone bamboozle you with Malachi 3:10… If you allow that part of the Bible to be used to trick you into paying into their kalokalo, then Jesus must have indeed died for nothing because when He died, be paid a debt and when He rose, you became God’s temple… Stop living like you are cursed.
The temple was a building during the days of Malachi; you are the temple in the Kingdom established by Christ… Now the role is reversed, the pastors are the ones saddled with the duty of filling God’s temple with the truth of the word of God, they owe God the truth, the owe him the duty of telling his people the truth which is the word of God and they are the ones robbing God by telling you lies about tithing, they are the ones robbing God and they are the ones under a curse.

Read your Bible, eat your tithe, I eat my tithe and I GIVE, that’s what my Bible told me… EAT your tithe, stop feeding people that already have pot belly, don’t let anyone play the emotional card on you. Study to show yourself approved, know the truth, it will set you free. EAT YOUR TITHE.
PS: For those that will like to quote  Leviticus 27, please read it from the beginning before you quote wrongly. Only land owners are expected to even tithe as defined in Leviticus, and it’s suppose to be from the produce of their land.. so how come tenant dey pay tithe in our own interpretation of tithe?
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  • Yes bro, I totally agree with u. I guess the pastors keep preaching about tithe as away to keep funds coming in. Maybe if they told the truth, then congregation will stop funding the church with their 'tithe'. And you know many are not voluntary givers, if there is no 'blessing' attached to their giving, they won't give. So the message of tithing is one sure way of raising funds for the church

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