That Building Is Not The Church


The Church is actually YOU
Let’s do this real quick before people start calling me a pastor…I am not one and going by the current definition of that profession, I don’t think I’ll ever want to be one… Just like Jesus, call me Rabi.
I’m that kinda brother that has a weakness for everything God made, yes I’m totally natural but there is this thing with Hennessey VSoP that makes me assume it’s natural, I guess it’s the fact that I’ve convinced myself that what Jesus did was convert a normal “shayo” to the VSoP version of it in Canaan on that fateful day he launched His arrival with an induced miracle… Now I get it, the water was turned to a supernatural “shayo”, now I know why, Hennessey VSoP must be supernatural.
Before I distract you away from why I choose to continue with my father’s business today, must first of all clearly say this without fear of favour all over again God No Dey Live For Church #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch.
When Christ completed his redemptive mission here on Earth, He handed things over to the spirit form of the Godhead “The Holy Spirit” whose first interaction with his apostles was recorded in the upper room saga in the year of our Lord AD. When the outpouring of the spirit occurred, it was in a meeting well attended one and from the rumour recorded in ACT 2, it was witnessed by both Jews and the Gentiles, and I’m almost sure an Igbo man must have been dear interpreting when Peter started speaking in Igbo language. According to the acts recorded, the entrance of the Holy Spirit did not possess the building or the vessels present in the upper room, it entered into the apostles and manifested expressly in them for all to see. I’m almost sure that nobody went back to the upper room to offer some form of special prayers in it or use it as a point of contact or  some form ritualistic shrine out of it for the Holy Spirit because they knew that God was in them and not in the building #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch
“The veil is torn, the stone is rolled, Hallelujah! Jesus has risen…”. I’m sure nobody is worshiping in His tomb today.
The finished work of Christ broke the veil of the temple, revealing the former holy of holies to all and establishing the high priesthood of Jesus ultimately. 40 years after his death, the temple was destroyed as he had prophesied and the genealogy of the Levites were lost with it. It became obvious that he meant it when he terminated the contract that existed between God and the buildings of stone, concrete and clay that was instituted by God himself initially. The purpose of the temples and altars were for offering sacrifices of redemption and for burnt offerings for the atonement of sins, but when Christ redeemed all, the altar was no longer required, our High Priest had chosen a new temple which was and is still the heart of you and me, applicable to only those who open when he comes knocking.
If the temples were destroyed as an indicator of the end of the era of sin and sacrifices to usher in a new age that was won by the death and resurrection of Christ, why then are we still building temples, monument and cathedrals in the name of Jesus Christ? You’re surprised? I am Flabberwhelmed and Overghasted. Even the early church and apostles were constantly in motion with no permanent building or kiosk, the meeting and fellowship was more important than the venue.
Why then do we build large span of brick, metal and mortar for the purpose of business and in the name of God, only opened when there is offerings to be receive, tithes to be demanded and once we are done, we put it under locks and keys while Jesus is locked out in the cold harley, wrapped in cardboard and begging for alms? He said in his words that “Whatsoever you do to the needs of thy brother, you have done it to me”
He reminded us of this days when he said “When I was sick, you didn’t help me, when I was in Prison,  you didn’t visit me, when I was homeless, you locked your door on me and when I was hungry you didn’t give me to eat” and we asked when did we did we do all this things and the answer is right above.
What is the purpose of a cathedral of 3km2 when Jesus is out in the cold desolate, what is the purpose of a church when his real temple, your heart lies in ruin, explain it to me, why build such a large dwelling and luck it up in the name of Jesus when he neither lives in it nor have any interest in it while the real church is abandoned to waste under the bridge in Oshodi.
God does not live in building made with hands, it was quite clearly stated in Acts 17:23-26 with reasons so there is absolutely nothing sacred about a church building or the more admonished altar, it was not built for God in the first place so you won’t find Him living in any of such properties. You are the church, the house that God is building and he’s only interested in living in your heart. 2Chro 2:6 says
“But who is able to build him an house, seeing the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain him? who am I then, that I should build him an house, save only to burn sacrifice before him?”
Remember He what he said in Matt 18:19-20
“Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”
and not..” wherever a multitude is gathered in an auditorium”, all you need to declare heaven on earth is your neighbour or a friend and not a pastor. He will definitely honour His words when two or thousands are gathered in anywhere in His name whether canopy or auditorium, but when you are done, He’s no longer there, He left with you and me and wherever the meeting is held is just a building that God has no spiritual or physical connection with #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch
Stop running to the mountains, He’s already in you, stop rolling before any vane altar, you are His altar and temple, let’s build a shelter for God by building homes for the homeless and the needy, that is the only time you are building a house for God. God does not live in Deeper Life camp, Redemption Camp, MFM prayer city, Canaan Land and co, #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch, if we really want God to live in those places, let’s open it up for the homeless and those who cannot afford a plot in Haggai or Shiloh, that is when God will really move into camp. The only plot or altar he wants to live in is your heart.
I’m still Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo​
I Write What I like
Remember this… #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch
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