The Consequence of Your Actions



I absolutely have no problem with those who choose to the option of going homo/gay or bisexual, it’s like me choosing wine and others falling for the cigarette and some other doing both cigarette and wine.. it’s a world of choices and such people should be allowed to do what they like with their assholes but where I stand against such is when this people choose not to go with the consequences.

If you head to the seminary or convent to become a priest in the Catholic Church, you’re definitely dead sure you just signed away the right to biologically have your own children, therefore I beseech or dear brothers and sisters in love to acknowledge the consequences of choosing to love your kind and go matrimonial with it, it comes with the condition of not being able to biologically have your own progeny so please prepare for the consequences if you’ve not had any before you made this choice.

Desist from the idea of adopting children, it is an attempt to deprive children that were created by those who took the option you rejected so don’t even think of it, stick with love and the consequences of it, dare not deprive this children the opportunity of having a normal life. Your sexual orientation was a choice and not a normal situation or natural condition so please eschew the idea of adopting children that were born by straight people in your bid to probably show them love that you lack, please embrace the beauty of being gay, remain childless and allow those children that you are trying to help have a normal life. Don’t make gay-ism a normalcy, it is better for this children to grown up without parents than to grow up in the confusion of having either two daddy’s or two mummy’s, don’t deprived them the normal life you had before you made your choice to go homo, let them grow up normally so that they can make choices rationally just like have done.

Please don’t mix up the idea of adoption with other options, this plea is all the way, don’t even toy with the idea of surrogacy, the fact that the child is from your spermatozoa does not give you the right to deny them a normal life, no you can’t do surrogate, going homo is like taking the oath of celibacy, please hold unto love and let it hold, it is an abuse of the right of a child to normal life if you break this rule, don’t deny any child the right to a normal life, be it yours or someone else’ child. If you were born by a father and a mother, raised by your own blood or adopted by another but raised in a home where there was a real mum and a real dad, please stay away from the idea of having children as long as you’ve made the choice to be gay, it is important, all lives matters and should be allowed to have normal experiences as you had it before you made your choices.. be true to your man or woman depending on your choice of homosexuality and enjoy the consequences of it. It is not a crime, sooner or later, society will embrace you better so don’t worry, just be happy because I love you too.

Please be real, your choice of love is really not a thing to worry about, I personally totally understand where you are and I can only hope you’ll understand society as well. Long before you were born, anything that is not seen as normal is usually resisted, sometimes with violence so brace yourself, not everyone is like me, but soon you will become a part of our culture, and like every special member of the society, you will soon become ubiquitous, functioning in your own world and blending in so fine like the rest of us. Please don’t remind use that you are gay by holding a placard over your heard everywhere you go as if what you are doing is wrong, it is not wrong, it’s only abnormal so please learn from the straight members of the society, remove the placards on your head and let the gay part of you be behind doors with your partner like the rest of us that are not, you don’t have to remind us that you are gay and proud, we are not proud about our being straight but we are cool with it. Please keep your sexual orientation mum, we don’t need to know.

Lastly before I stop this my unusual rant, remember it is your duty to keep the world around you sane either you are sane or gay, being who you become is not priority, what you project and how other see you is all that defines you in the end. Be smart and courageous and let the world see it in your actions and reaction.


I’m Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo

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