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The meaning of my first name “Abidemi“, my real identity “Babaolowo” and the uniqueness of my last name “Oderinlo” fused with my pungent, original and sometimes truth laden irritating persona leaves you a finely finished and refined young Nigerian male that defines creativity, knows ‘A Little Bit About Everything’ and writes about just anything for the true simple purpose of inundating, educating and emancipating the every average mind enough for the minder (owner of the mind) to break away from the ‘Status Quo”, seek and embrace the truth, away from what is popular and accepted.

A computer “eruku” by day, writer by night and media & entertainment guru in the darkest hours of the day. I am addicted to doing only that which is valuable, dignifying and rewarding even if it is not popular or financially rewarding. I know little so I am always willing, eager and ready to learn even from the littlest of things, and more importantly, I can talk for South Africa from Ipaja but I listen twice between.

It will interest you to know that as I write this post, I am already 6 hours behind the relaunch schedule of www.babaolowo.com but I don’t do never. I am honourable to the very last scratch of my nail and if I say I will do anything, you can bank on it but don’t ever trust me, “me sef be human being O!” *In 2Baba’s voice* and even my Bible warns that I should not trust myself. Don’t be surprised! I don’t trust you either.

I am less formal and more street, totally unusual and definitely not a regular Nigeria. I am from Ipaja in Lagos and also a Lagos boy from Ogun State *confusing right?*. I celebrate my birthday for two days every year but I sometimes forget it’s my birthday and like you already know, I love your sister, I am only following Jesus’ instruction.. it’s in Rom 13:8-10. I am unrepentant lover of God and I’m constantly teaching his words (even in a beer palour), I don’t have a church because #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch and most importantly, I WRITE WHAT I LIKE.

Welcome to my website…  A place where everything but your opinion counts and your comments are important. I am MAD as you already know, so join me as we go MAD together.

I’m Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo


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He's the editor of this planet
The inventor of a rare strain of Eba
Computer enthusiast losan, Wordsmith lale, Rapper loru
He's the favourite invaluable son of Ipaja
The 3rd son of Iya Toyin and
The grandson of a barren woman


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