Autumn Leaf



Autumn Leaf


From me you drift away
Like a shaft in the wind along the planes of Alli
To the East and South at once
With the air for me to hold as I whimper and groan
It is from deep within that I write this ode
Hoping it will be a fence
And not a sieve that will let you slip away from me

A thousand I have seen
A thousand more I long to see
But the minute my lids open and I saw you
My desire to see began a journey and went adrift with the sea

I have long to touch
The curves and edges of a thousand moons
But the minute my phalanges caressed the dust of your shadows
My desire became to live to see the day your Adam will hand your hand to me

This that I seek
Is that which might never be
It’s autumn indeed
And the leaves are many and fallen
It’s hard to believe
That the leaf I’d picked
Is only interested in the wind
Forgetting that Winter is nigh
My Autumn leaf


Copyright 2016 – Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo

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He's the editor of this planet
The inventor of a rare strain of Eba
Computer enthusiast losan, Wordsmith lale, Rapper loru
He's the favourite invaluable son of Ipaja
The 3rd son of Iya Toyin and
The grandson of a barren woman


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