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Nigeria is totally blessed and we have a few great men who believe in our country and are constantly flying her flag all over the world. One of such rare gems is DJ Abass!

I been following him since I can’t remember and it is more of a ritual for me to visit his social media pages this days to catch wisdom and I found this on his Facebook page this morning so I decided to share because #IBelieve.

#‎DJAmicTESTING‬: The greatest problem Nigeria has is not unemployment, fuel scarcity, lack of power supply, insecurity, or even tribalism. It is CORRUPTION of the mind and the pocket. More people are ‘united’ in corruption than even ethnicity or even religion. Most of us have grown up and lived in a system where corruption has become the norm and we can’t even recognise it anymore – it’s become the fabric of society. We see its effects everyday of our lives and don’t even realise it – unemployment, insecurity, armed robbery, etc. One thing that is also certain is that corruption ultimately DESTROYS everything it touches especially when it exists at the scale it is in Nigeria. Any campaign to uproot corruption is the most difficult in this world and especially in a country like ours – but it is not impossible. I didn’t support a political party but I supported a man I believe can take up the challenge of fighting corruption in the interest of a future for Nigeria. Buhari is a ‘special one’ in a country like Nigeria and we should be glad we have him as president at this point in our history. He will surely make some mistakes in attaining that goal and things will be tough for a while – but we do not have any other option. Corruption must die in Nigeria if the nation is to survive and I believe we have the man to take it on. We have given this man 4 years to do this job – what he needs is SUPPORT. Change is never immediate but gradual and always painful. Nigeria is very ill and needs treatment – and I believe we have the right doctor at the helm. The Nigerian psyche towards corruption needs to be re-engineered in a way that will make it unpalatable to future generations. Pls lets not play politics or tribalism with the future of Nigeria – lets support a determined PMB and if he doesn’t deliver, let the ballot speak in 2019. Have a great day!!!”

Words of: Abass Tijani (DJ Abass)

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