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I know quite a number of people that are MAD and I roll with them, but since the day I found this “Confused Scientist”, my desire to be the ‘Difference’ in my MAD drive as gone super.

Williams is one hell of a man and I am still confused as to why he decided to become a Computer Scientist like me instead of a lawyer or maybe a Political Scientist or Life Coach (I think our confusion is thesame, did I just call me a Computer scientist?). He knows so little and he inspires so much. His perspectives sometimes makes me wonder why he’s not a preacher and teacher because he’s thought me more about things I think I knew than I would have ever learned reading motivational or moralistic books. Williams transcends the profile of an ordinary man because his capacity to gather thoughts, refine them and represent them in the simplest of form just makes understanding the core and simple truth of his change message easy. He is just alien to this planet and I am thinking of relocating him to Ekiti State maybe he can help safe them from Fayose.

One of his biggest problems that I have identified is that he loves Nigeria too much and I wish I can do something to change that but sadly, I have the same problem in a deeper dimension so finding him has only compounded my deep rooted quest of being a better problem solver everyday as a Nigerian (ofcourse!). He writes about just everything you can imagine (except his bank account balance which I am interested in) and hardly ever breaks a sweat about spilling it raw like bleeding flesh.

This post is not to tell you about who Williams is… it is to notify you that you will be reading a lot from this confused scientist in days, weeks months and years to come. If you know him very well, just tell him he needs to declare his asset before EFCC assumes he knows Dasuki. He’s not a contributor to this page, I am contributing on his behalf without his permission. Amen!

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  • Thank you very much brother for this epistle. I really appreciate. Meanwhile we will need to talk on this website, we have to change the theme and make it more appealing. I will also be sending my articles on a weekly basis

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