PMB Honours Wellington Jighere and Other Nigerian Athletes


Finally Wellington Jighere is getting the recognition he deserves after many years of consistent outstanding feat at the World Scrabble Championship. Only a few know the name Wellington, a man who humbly claims to know 98% of the words in the Collins Dictionary, yes you read/heard that right because his claim is proven. He is currently the Scrabble Heavy Weight Champion of The World.

I would have loved to do a refined epistle about this Champ because his new manager Shughar is my very good friend and they are both at the International Conference Centre at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock but I choose not to use my clout and influence on this one.

However, my dearest Elsie Godwin already did a fleshy interview with Wellington and you can have unrestricted access to all the ‘behind the scene’ information about the World Champion. Just hit this link to get the juice of the interview

Elsie Godwin and Wellington Jighere

Don’t even sweat it, just stand up for the CHAMPIONS! because even the president is on his feet, doing the dance with Nigeria’s finest athletes in Abuja right now.


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