Picture of The Month: The Frozen Fish Corper


Here’s the picture of a Youth Corper and his mum who sells Frozen Fish. His mother evidently paid for his education from the proceed of selling frozen fish. An average human will be quick to hide behind veils but this young man honoured his mother by not only identifying with her, but showing the world how proud he his to have her. I think this is the true definition of honour  when the Bible said “Honour Your Father and Your Mother”, this proud son has given his mother the biggest honour any mother dead or alive could ever desire.

This is an unknown youth corper

His mother paid for his education from selling frozen fish

He graduated and went for NYSC

He honoured his mum by taking a pics with her in the middle of the market with his NYSC uniform

He’s proud of his mum and happy

Her mum is proud of his achievement and happier

He his a worthy and great son of his mother

He will become greater

Make your mother pround

Be proud of your mum

Be Like Him!

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