The Danger of a Second Hand Gospel!


The Danger of a Second Hand Gospel!

1. Eve didn’t hear from God directly, she heard from Adam. So when the serpent came, she had a different version from what God said.

2. The sevens sons of Sceva were thoroughly trashed by evil spirits. They preached in the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches.

3. God sent the Babylonians to plunder the Children of Israel. They did not know God for themselves, they took the idolatry their fathers handed over to them and took it to the next level.

4. The Nation of Israel missed the first coming of Christ! (Scary). All their lives they stuck with the scriptures hoping to get God’s word from there, they didn’t listen to the Word first hand from Jesus when he came!

5. This generation does not know the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, they know the God of men of God. They have turned Jesus into a leverage vehicle for use to achieve their illusions. Destruction looms!

The end of a second hand gospel is disaster. Don’t rely on what the fathers have handed over, seek to know God for yourself. Slight deviations in the course towards Christ leads to major deviations in time. If you inherit a wrong cause, you will go further away from God in the next generation! I believe this will be understood by some.

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