Find Out What Happens During Lunch Hours in Japanese Schools


I have always assumed that nothing can surprise me, but the Japanese just keeps succeeding and leaving my jaws wide open. This is quite believable it is true and real and it is something that should be replicated all over the world.

Japan may be just an ocean away but when you compare their culture to ours it seems as if we live on different planets. I’m in love already, trust me I’m in love.

While the rest of the world focus all the attention on improving the quality of food, lunch is more than just eating in Japan, it’s an opportunity to learn proper manners before, during and after a meal, hygiene and even how to grow your own food. Can you imagine something like this in our public schools? I remember stories from my mum about a particular principal, in a certain era in a school called Comprehensive High School in Ikere, Ekiti State Nigeria. I think his name was Jegede and he ran the school in such a manner that the only thing they bought from the market was “salt” for cooking, every other thing was farmed by the students and teachers of the school. Sometimes I wish those things got better, but I can only wish.

I’ve read a few things about Japan, I decided a long time ago that if I ever get married, I will be honeymooning in Okinawa Island, I’m guessing I’ll be visiting Japan sooner than I imagined, watch the video below to see why.



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