Nigerian Artiste ORESEGUN OLUMIDE of Yabatech is ART It Again


A few weeks ago I bragged about the incomparable artistic prowess of the art-borne children of Yusuf Grillo in Yaba College of Technology during the revelation of Eluagu William for his heroic pet bottle sculpting that adorn the frontage of the School of Art in Yabatech, little did I know that I had actually belittled my great Alma Mater by describing her as “The Art-Beat of Nigeria“, she’s indeed the “Art-Beat” of the world and I thank God for our new Yabatech revelation “Oresegun Olumide” who has done justice to correcting the wrong impression I created, long before I found him again through the internet.

His painting days perhaps pre-dates his roadside painting of the SUG building in Yabatech, but those under the sun with the canvass were the formative years of his journey as an artist. Just like every other art student in the college, he’d partook in one of the many “Aro Days,” with or without participating and he’d been touched by the gods of art by the wand of artistic wisdom. If you’ve never seen “Monalisa” I’ll advise you to go find it first before you scroll down even more because you perhaps hate the painting and wonder why it is classed so utopian when even the gods are coming down from the heavens to see what the bare hands of Olumide has wrath; even the queen of the coast, the ultimate mermaid (mammy water) is interested in a portrait of herself because of Olumide’s love for water and here’s the proof.

The painting you are about to see will make you will make your eyes hitch a bit, don’t get too carried away, be of good cheer, close your mouth a little before the flies hitch a ride, only a Yaba College of Technology Art graduate can create such reality with bare hands.

I would have loved to show you more because there’s more, but that won’t be good enough. You can find more of this creative works of creation on his Social Media pages all by yourself.

Instagram: Oluhyperclassical

Facebook: Oresegun Olumide

For those of you that are jealous because I’m blowing the trumpets of the greatness of Yaba College of Technology, Olumide said I should offer you guys this so you don’t go beefing…

I heard it’s raining outside? Ok! Olumide has an idea.. he peeps out of the window and sees this… so he painted it without getting wet.

Lol! All theses hyper-realistic images above are drawn by hand! Yes by Hand! Yes Oil on Canvass… Yes! You don’t have to believe it, it’s a Yaba College of Technology thing… Abeg let me famz creativity.



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