UNILAG Forte Oil Gas Station… The Biggest Unarmed Robbery Spot in Africa.


I had to make a detour into UNILAG yesterday as part of a pizza bout with my kiddo and unfortunately (very unfortunate), I noticed that the Forte Oil gas station opposite the opposite of the New Hall and Access Bank was selling petrol so I made the turn and joined the queue. I had fuel in my car but since I had plans to go to Ibadan, I felt a full tank will hurt nobody.

With people jumping and crossing the queue I finally made it to the pump and as a bad guy, simply told the attendant “fill up the tank”. I sat there and watch the pump go from zero to 47ltrs and the bill was 4K, i noticed some traces of fuel dripping at the fuel tank door so I assume it was indeed full so I jumped in and drove off without checking the gauge. I was almost at the main gate when I notice that the digital meter was two bars below the full tank marker. I waved it off, hoping it will kick in when I stop the car and restart the engine… I’ve seen that happen before, only that it’s just a bar the full tank marker and it goes up later and stays there for atleast two days with me driving in and out of Lagos on a daily.

Where I should have suspected the foul play is the amount of petrol that their pump claimed to have dispensed. There’s no way in heaven or hell my car tank was suppose to take that much fuel in the first place…the most have spent on filling up at Amber is N5500 and I had enough fuel to take to me to Ibadan, the highest I could have done is 3k to make it all look good. I took a detour when it dawned on me that I have been shortchanged, I drove into Yabatech and went all up to my friends office to cool off. The minute I mentioned “UNILAG filling station”, I was answered by with “the pump is compromised” by two people in the office. I got weak in the knee… “So this fraud has been going on and people are just complaining about it and moving on? Something has to be done to stop it.

I’m going back there to request to see the manager and make a formal complaint about it. I don’t really care what kinda result my complain will produce but I’m not going to join the band wagon of “that’s how UNILAG Forte Oil is”. It is fraud, a big scam and I won’t because of fuel scarcity pretend like it is normal. I’m not going to get my tank filled up but I’m sure something will go right, especially if the compromise is from that spot.

It is rather unfortunate that a brand like Forte Oil owned by (oh! I forgot Otedola himself is a criminal mastermind) such a big oil co either directly or has a franchise can be stealing from unsuspecting and suspecting people right in the heart of UNILAG without any care in the world. It has to be stopped and even if I can’t stop it, I will challenge the institutions or persons managing the installation being used to defraud innocent people who only want value in petrol for their money.

I need to get up now and get to UNILAG to ask questions.

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