The Re-Awakening


I’ve been writing a lot and saying a lot less in the past years, but during this last year, I’ve written even less and said nothing at all making it a tad hard for me to even stand for anything my heart really yearn to see come alive or live beyond the dictates of my environment.

20/21st of January 2017 was a wake up call for me. The days were characterized with events horned on the celebration of life in death to a celebration of life in a near death experience, a reawakening, a call back to life for a purpose that is defined in clear, undeniable terms.

My mouth is for speaking and not for murmuring, it is for speaking life and not complaining about its deficiencies and dearth. My hands are for creating values and filling needs and not for taking alms and hand-downs or complaining for the lack of it. My legs are for conquering miles in the direction of greatness and immortality, not for loitering in the corridors of the great, seeking crumbs for the belly and oil for the face for the ones I love. My life is for overcoming all and becoming the need of others, serving values and creating opportunities that change lives on a daily and not at the feet of men, hoping and waiting or demanding for the things I have been given the capacity to create.

I rose from the flames already but I’m heading back to the furnace for refining, going in to burn out my achilles so that when I stand before kings shielded with wisdom, my heels will not be a concern because it will be without that tendon which leads to fall or failure but built to stand firm, supporting the weight of the wisdom I carry.

One step at a time, my vices will be gone and my focus will be on only the things that defines The Great Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo. I’m standing out, standing tall and never alone again.

Iji ton gbe’érun ló, gbe ire temi wa fun mi.


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By Babaolowo