The Words of The Flower


The Words of the Flower I Found

Down the road that leads to Ipaja
On the path I walk, I found a flower
With stems of ruby and a petal of gold
Adorn with dews from the morning mist

My heart was lighted and I made to touch
The tender rim that glowed in the morning sun
But she closed her petals and withdrew her style
Afraid I will pluck and end her gait

Then a butterfly came and a bee with stings
Moth and a scorpion with a poisoned fang
And yet she opened her petals
And a drink of her nectar she gave

My heart was broken
And I asked in tears
Why smile at they that destroy your beauty
And frown at me that admire and adore thee

And she answered with thorns and thistle
Ready to tear my skin and soil my linen
And words than burn within like a brimstone
Lighted and hitched at the gates of the pit of hell

‘The flower’
Just yesterday my lady was aglow with dreams
Along your lady came and plucked her dreams
Her crime was her beauty
Her reason was her admiration of her beauty

I will rather be ugly with holes from a munching moth
Than be beautiful and plucked for the beauty of it
The butterfly you see aglow
Was a caterpillar that I fed
I feed the bee and her queen
Just from my nectar you see
And in return they carry my seeds
To ensure that I live beyond this stalk
Rooted in the plains of Ayobo forever
And not for days in vase by the window
Struggling to breath and away from the winds that caress my wings
I’ll rather be dirty wild and free
Than be beautiful and taken
Not to a garden but a vase where my life ends in minutes

Take me from my root if my beauty you adore
Not from my stalk
Away from my source of beauty.

This were the words of the flower I found

On my way to Ipaja.

I’m Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo



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He's the editor of this planet
The inventor of a rare strain of Eba
Computer enthusiast losan, Wordsmith lale, Rapper loru
He's the favourite invaluable son of Ipaja
The 3rd son of Iya Toyin and
The grandson of a barren woman

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By Babaolowo