Ójó Aje


Aje O!
Aje Wole Tomiwa
Aje F’atè Mi Śe Ibusun
Aje Wa Fi Ówó Wé Ówó Mi
Aje Wa Fi Owo Wa Mi Ri
Aje Wa File Mi Śe Ibugbe

Aje Ogugulusó
Gbera! Tagiri!
Maa bó lóódé mi

May we all experience financial increase in all our endeavors and on all sides today and everyday… 🙏🏽


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He's the editor of this planet |
The inventor of a rare strain of Eba |
Computer enthusiast losan, Wordsmith lale, Rapper Loru |
He's the favourite invaluable son of Ipaja |
The 3rd son of Iya Toyin and
The grandson of a barren woman

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By Babaolowo