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Most of the time, we focus too much on the negative that we forget to see positivity, we expect failure so hard that we don’t notice that we’ve succeeded and we so much that we miss the pleasure. I have to chosen to see the good in all things, see progress in crawling and feel alive in pain, and this is why I am writing this today to appreciate the great sacrifice of Judas in saving the world. Judas was and is still the real MVP, the main man, the real OG that made that transaction that led to our salvation.

So, Jesus knew the hour was near but he was still dillydallying about the whole process, he was human afterall and was wondering, “why should I take this huge responsibility for the wrongdoing of the whole wide world?” He needed time alone so he sneaked himself into the “Garden of Gethsemane” and while in deep thought, he cried out to Baba God and asked if He can allow the kind of beating required to complete the process pass over him, but he knew what it was so he declared, “let not my will but your will be done” and God agreed with him.

But God didn’t need Jesus’s permission to get it done, he already commissioned a snitch that will seal the handover for the required beating and torture that will herald the cleansing and salvation of all mankind. While he was dillydallying, Judas on the other hand was negotiating for more silver somewhere in the mix and getting it. I am sure the bargain must have started from like 12-coins, but being the conning, witty one, he must have found a way talk his way to 30-coin.

Unlike the Pharisees and Sadducees of old or the pastors, bishops and popes of today, Jesus was a regular nigga that blended in with his disciple to the level that you won’t even know who is who whenever they are together, he was an “eru’ku saiye po” kind of guy, so Judas who would have given everyone a handshake (Including Jesus) on a normal day devised the kissing code in addition so that he can easily identify Jesus to the Sanhedrin from the group without being suspected or noticed (smart guy).

So, the hour arrived, Judas the Oba of snitches arrived with it, betrayed Jesu with a kiss, yes! The most important kiss ever, the kiss that sealed the deal that saved mankind forever. I am almost sure Jesus must have chopped knuckle with Judas when he realized what Judas did, so who am I not to celebrate him? Today I want to celebrate Judas the man from Kerioth (aka Iscariot) for betraying Jesus of Nazareth and delivering him to the Sanhedrin when Jesus himself was still thinking otherwise and ensuring that the work and walk or redemption and salvation was completed at the cross.

I celebrate Judas the son of Simon, the man from Kerioth for striking that 30-silver coin deal that ensured that the right man was taken, beaten, battered, bruised and nailed to the cross, just to save you and me.

Thank you Judas for giving me a reason to say “Thank You Jesus” everyday.


I’m Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo



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