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From the markings made by the cavemen, to the scrolls in the Vatican library, the Egyptian hieroglyphs to the braille for the blind, writing in all its forms has been the sure pathway to immortality from the day it was invented, way before Moses downloaded the Ten Commandments from the cloud with the Table of Stone or Tab as it will called today, to the very next key I will strike in my attempt to write this essay about “Oya Start Blogging”, the body of work authoured by the eclectic Elsie Isioma Godwin. Writing is a tool for recording, preserving and communicating records and information from time immemorial, no matter what form it took and even now, it is become more a tool for expression, communication and education and preservation more than ever.

All it began as a form of web diary in the early days, and gradually it denudated to gossip, gist, gossip, tragedy, more gossip and rumour, some more rumor and gossip until being referred to as a blogger simply personifies the individual as a mediocre in Nigeria. From the rush to become famous, blogging has degraded from the art it was to just a nomenclature for people that propagate gossips, rumours and unverifiable information just for the sake of making the rounds or having some moments of fame but Elsie has showed up to save the day with her master piece “Oya Start Blogging”.

“Oya Start Blogging” is a carefully crafted body of artistic work, detailed and rich with information that are positioned not only to right the wrong perception created by a few about blogging in the eyes of the right thinking world, to inspiring even more creative, conscious and capable minded that have thoughts about becoming bloggers, writers or any other form of literary connoisseur in Nigeria to pick up their pen and bleed the ink on the papers for the world to embrace, enjoy and be informed. In this book, Elsie rightly identified that a lot of bloggers start out on the good foot, but in the bid to be consistent and continually put out content as a routine, they turn to just about anything they see and thus become the mediocre that has now become the definition of blogging in Nigeria. To solve this problem and more, she has carefully highlighted the time-tested and proven steps that must be taken to make blogging a tool for good, growth and development without compromising.

A graduate of Computer Science from the Lagos State University (LASU) and an alumnus of FATE Foundation, Elsie Godwin is an On-Air-Personality, social media consultant, influencer, Transcriber and blogger and award-winning Literary, Lifestyle and Relationship blogger of the ELSiEiSY.COM fame. She’s the owner of the TV show – Crux of the Matter, she co-hosts Heart Matters on Lagos Traffic Radio (96.1FM) and also has a corner on Guardian Life Nigeria where she writes her opinion on Relationships and Lifestyle related matters.

Elsie’s real, practical and witty persona finds true expression in “Oya Start Blogging”, and single peep in the amazing book is guaranteed to keep you reading, and leave you with the desire to start blogging like you don’t even care with practical steps to guide you, and examples to show you what you can or can’t do in your attempt to find expression or help others to find solutions to matters that finds expression in your writing. “Oya Start Blogging” is not just an attempt to change the brand identity of blogging in Nigeria, it is a drive that espouse the desired identity of blogging, its true potentials, and a wake-up call for all involved to do it right. The book is indeed a must read for every body that can see or are blessed with the “gift of blindness” as long as they can read.

Time to download and read the short but mighty book here >>>  #OyaStartBlogging


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