What Is LOVE?


LOVE? I think I know a little bit about this thing. It won’t be the reason I’m still single at 40. I think I know what Love is and it’s not what you think it is.

Love is a lot of things but love is not a feeling. It doesn’t operate the law of reciprocity, neither is it earned. Love is an action that requires no input from the loved and demands everything from the lover. Love in all its form is a gift.

A baby does nothing to earn the love of her father and/or mother, it a choice they make before he/she arrives. Whether they choose to love or reject the choice, it is done without the baby’s input and within, a baby still demands food, shelter & attention from whoever is available to give it. Love is not trust; it is not earned.

Love is not something you do or give because someone had done something or given something beforehand, it is an action you take and expect nothing back, a step you take hoping the recipient will play it forward and not hopefully right back at you. It is an unconditional design.

Love sometimes comes with the baggage of emotion, but love in itself exist without emotions. Emotions operate on reciprocity, a demand system that expects returns, but love is independent, strong & unconditional, devoid of the entitlement that comes with ordinary emotions.

Love attaches to what is unchanging, not the eyes, voice, size or shape or anything physical cos a single event can break the nose and voice, blind the eyes, break a leg or even take the figure 8 away but you will always remain; that’s what Love needs, just you to dish it out.

The love you have for your family should not differ from the love you have for strangers, the emotional experience will however differ because your family is part of you, it is only normal for you to protect yourself first in other to be able to protect the strangers you love.

Yes! Love must come from a source where it is in abundance, therefore it is a must that you must begin with you, yes! You must love yourself enough, and to substantiate that there’s no special requirement, you are all that you need to love yourself and others unconditionally.

According to the scriptures, Love is a commandment and instruction that must be obeyed to connect to God. Without love, there is no connection between man and God. God is not in some heaven unknown, he’s in the next man beside you, the person reading this tweet.

And love is not an easy swell ride, it is a tough and bumpy one. “For God so love the world that He gave his only begotten son” they said… to love is to be able to give the thing that is most precious to you away without every uncertainty locked; it is a sacrifice.

Love is not moochy, it is tough and unyielding because love CORRECTS. It is true that love begins with ACCEPTANCE, but it is only truer that love corrects. Love doesn’t care how you feel because it’s not a feeling, it guides you towards what is great for you.

I heard “the truth is bitter”, but that’s the language of love. It doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, just to makes you feel good all the time but rather; it feeds your ears with what you need to hear especially when it hurts because it cares. Love is not a feeling.

It’s a GIFT that cannot be retracted, like words lives forever once spoken. When it is the emotional disorder misinterpreted as love, it ends when the flames burn to an ebb, but when love is born, it lives forever. You can’t stop loving who you truly love.

When loves arrives, it brings clarity & sanity. Gifts arrives wrapped, it is on you to unwrap. trying to figure without unwrapping brings confusion. When you receive the gift of love, unwrap & embrace it and if you can, return it to the giver unwrapped in its truest form.

When you’re done unwrapping the gift of love you’ve received, be sure to gift-wrap it all over again and play it forward. Remember you don’t need a reason to love another, just do it anyways. It takes spreading love to another to understand the true meaning of love.

Love brings joy and peace, but it is never without discomfort and strife. Love unconditionally!

Don’t just love unconditionally! Be intentional when you do it! And make your intentions know when you do it! LOVE is the only debt you owe everybody that have a contact with your life. I LOVE YOU


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