The Origin of God


In the Beginning

I once imagined I had an encounter with God and I’d like to share it with you. I had a fever, my body temperature was hitting the roof and it was as if my skin was being pried open with needles; somehow, I drifted into a sleep on the saggy sofa in my father’s living room and by the time I woke up, I was drenched in my own sweat. Oh! I actually had a dream, but it was one of those disjointed dreams that you can’t piece together and I woke up feeling better, the fever had been broken, the medication I was forced to swallow by able “Iya Toyin” had taken effect and I was refreshed. I think that experience should count as having an encounter with God because I was healed, only that it wasn’t what you were expecting; a tale of me seeing heaven or hell or a man in white flowing garment or some spiritual encounter, or anything close that will suit religion. Well, I’ve had that kind of dream sha, I woke up and was angry that I woke up, where I was in that dream was beyond bliss, but I still didn’t see anybody with wings or flowing white garment.

Growing up, I use to think the word “ENERGY” simply meant having enough nourishment and stamina to endure for longer; thanks to ads about Bournvita, Milo and the good old Lucozade powder, packaged in that precious skye-blue thing that made me stay on the athletic team in primary school, just so I could get a dash of it after every run. Back then, energy to me was simply the nutrient or refreshed feeling you get after that dose of something. High school came with a different revelation through Integrated Science, Physic and Chemistry, energy was no longer just a feeling, it became a thing, a reality. Energy was no longer locked in a tin of Milo, Bournvita or Glucose D, it now had a formula E=MC2 and a law affirming “energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another”. Pleasant surprise it was for me, a breakdown relates it with mass and speed through the “Theory of Special Relativity”, striking a chord within the God believing Catholic school boy in me, and connecting the new identity of energy that I’ve just learnt with the persona of the global entity religion defines as God.

I remember the portion of Genesis about the King of Salem “without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life”, a coded description of God through the Abraham Melchizedek contraption as continually existing phenomenon that can’t be created or destroyed, but exists in different forms dubbed “Trinity” by religion, ubiquitous and omnipotent; just like energy. I began to compare the two entities and discovered that the only thing that seems to contrast was the omniscient nature of the God entity as recorded, vis-à-vis the unintelligent identity of the source of the Big Bang of scince; the energy, the architecture and experience aligned. The “Big Bang” theory and “Let There Be Light” religious account of the beginning are similar in elements; the differential was intelligence.

The assumed scientific “Big Bang” account of the beginning proposes a theory of an initial singularity through the application of the laws of physics; although there are no facts sufficient enough to prove this, it has a scientific reference. For religion, there was an intelligent entity, a speaking form of energy that initiated the process that led to the “Bang”, a logical argument since a bang cannot occur out of nothingness, there must be an energy collision and science agrees with this position, therefore it is safe to affirm that this energy predates the “Big bang” of science, which translates into “let there be light” of religion, and that the intelligence or energy religion refer to as God is the same form of energy that predates the bang itself.

Perhaps, the position of science is not that a God does not exist, the concept of God only present an inexplicable situation that science itself can’t currently explain with the laws of physics, or because at many points, religion has used the concept of God to derail the achievements of science while applying it behind closed doors for its own gain. If the three wise men came from the east, and they followed a star, a map and a compass? then geography and astronomy existed long before the bible was compiled, how then can science anti-religion when it is actually the bedrock of it? Perhaps, the position of science is not anti-God entity existence, it is more an assumption of the confused scientists who out of the dearth of explanation beyond the current strides of science became overzealous in their attempt to demystify what is actually not a mystery.  Maybe these crops of scientist need to align enough to understand that the energy that is responsible for what science knows already or is yet to learn; seen and unseen is real, and not the fictional entity religions espouses in its bid to control humanity, body, pocket and soul.

The scriptures as mythical as it seems today were bits and pieces of morphed historical records, stitched together to attest to the natural and experienced supernatural. Just like the many writings on the walls of the many crypts, tombs and pyramids across the deserts of Egypt, the scriptures are historical documents, not the modified and codified versions and excerpt politicians have crafted for their agendas to control and rule people through fear in the name of religions. The true scripture is a scientific document, wrapped in spiritual energy, a blueprint for scientific exploration and knowledge that explains the origin of the God entity that has since been elusive, and not a journal for the threats of hell, damnation and mind control as it is.

Religion and science are two very deep but yet shallow practices that are suffering from the same ailments called the “unknown”. Science is mostly impatient to learn when it can’t explain from experience, hardened to embrace when face with the inexplicable but quick to assume; the excuse of insufficiency when faced with the unknown, only to unearth a differing truth about the assumptions in the future and celebrate it with an undeserving jamboree. Religion on its own embrace fiction, throwing up invented scenarios to support the never ending mind games, wrapping it around the explainable God entity and screaming “it’s a miracle” when there are no plausible explanation, presenting cunningly devised fables as proof and recoiling without recanting when science sometimes finds a way to refute its claims. However scientific, mythical or fictional my revelation in this dissertation may seem, permit me to use some of the true elements of the scriptures that might have been soiled by religion, and scientific evidences to take you to the forever elusive origin of God.

Man is an intelligent and spiritual being. This is a fact that has been proven by science and nature, and a fair example of such scientific proof of man’s spirituality is the Cosmic Resonance Theorem; simultaneous, non-linear casualty powered by an invincible energy, expressed between two separated human events taking place at the same time. Referring to man has a spirit has nothing to do with angels and demons, it is simply an affirmation that man exist beyond its physical form, that’s why he can think, dream, create, innovate and recreate. Although the existence of God is questioned by many because they see the God entity as a religious deity, facts available shows that the being defined as God has nothing to do with religion.

I remember the images of the old earth I found in the Geographical Encyclopaedia in my dad’s library, the earth was scurvy and the continents were like Siamese twin. Indeed, the earth was “without form and void” as described, and whatever it was that caused the bang that shaped the universe at that point must have expected a different earth, and a better-looking result and I guess it did the right thing to get to work. I can as well agree with the part where it was depicted that “the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters” truly true because those billions of years ago, science posited that the storms that tore through the waters and formless face of the earth were endless, and they somehow led to the shifting of the continents across the waters. According to the Torah (not the Bible), God (Elohim) created the heaven and earth “in a beginning”, the earth was unformed and void “Tohu wabohu”, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God moved “Ruah” over the face of the waters of Tehom. “Tohu wabohu” is commonly translated as “formless and empty” and Ruah means “wind”; the wind blows (rather than hovers as written in the bible), then “God spoke and created for six days…”Let’s agree that the sound of the wind was the voice referred to, and when Elohim supposedly “spoke light into existence and separated light from darkness”, there were no day or night or any form measure of time, man created the measure of time, day, month and year through science; science was aware of the storms because there was evidence of it in time , but it never imagined it was an expression of the intelligent entity or energy that was at work; realigning the whole universe, creating order and establishing stability in order for it to attain an equilibrium, a balance that makes everything function while it rests.

The Origin of God

The universe is a continuous ocean of energy, tangible and intangible. The power to imagine and create, the innovations and the knowledge we humans use to create and innovate are already in existence and here, and we merely come into the reality of this knowledge through “thinking” and substantiate it through “consciousness”. “All the energy that ever was or ever will be, is evenly present in all places at all times” (Born Rich-Bob Proctor), and the God entity is only the core of this energy framework. The energy, force, intelligence, phenomenon or entity referred to as God today began to exist when it became CONSCIOUS of its own existence. It long existed without a beginning, but became God at the point of self-realization, and will always exist because it’s an energy, it can neither be created nor destroyed. It’s an awakening, just the way a child is not aware of its own beginning but suddenly comes into the reality of being in existence and takes charge from there, the God element has no known beginning, it is a form of energy  that predates the concept of time, and operates beyond the time and space continuum. The sun, moon, stars and entire universe are a part of this element; and just because it is not a mythical creature, it is always visible and yet invincible, but not living in some physical heaven as religion defined.

God is the energy that finds expression in all things seen and unseen, a presence that is everywhere, an energy that operates in ubiquity through nature in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious, and not some spirit that manifest through altars, candles, chalice and regalia. The true nature of God is in the natural order of things and not in the religious order as created by a few men to run the affairs of society. All the religious texts defined God as a “spirit” and his expression as “words” without exception, not even the traditional religion confines their many gods to the figurine they use as a point of contact, they treat those as vessels and invoke what they worship with words through these elements. Perhaps religion might present the Utopian cascade of heaven or derelicts depiction of hell as a medium for mind control through fictions and tales, but the truth remains that the energy that has found expression throughout the universe as it is his God himself, a totally scientific entity that flows through all and nothing to do with man-made religion filled tales of woes.

It’s evident that the intelligent nature of man was inherited from its source. Man’s desire to substantiate the intelligence responsible for its existence through unscientific approaches made it and unsuccessful quest, leading to man’s creation of the many versions of God, and the establishment of many different orders in other to appear successful in his quest. Ego and its complexity led to the tussle for the created gods superiority, a phenomenon that never existed in the African approach to religion where the supreme deity is agreed to be one and the many vessels are mere channels to “Eledunmare”, unlike the western establishment and its scions that that are in a never ending tussle for supremacy.

Afterall, the scriptures posited that God created man in his own image and after his likeness; so, if God indeed exists, and man beyond the physical form is after God’s likeness, the ability of man to create, innovate and re-create confirms the nature of God as a creator, an avenue for the artist in men to go to work, create and recreate. The desire to find meaning led to man’s creation of the many gods of many religions, and the quest of government to control the people led to the gods unification college named the “Council of Nicaea”, instituted by Constantine, the life-long pagan emperor of Rome. The “Council of Nicaea” led to the birth of the religion called Christianity, the amalgamation of the many beliefs under this new identity and the compilation of the book called the Bible solely for the rule of Constantine’s territories. So, you thought the bible was written for God? Nah! It was compiled under the influence of wine and whores for Constantine’s reign and beyond.

I’m sure you’ve heard that “God is a scientist” before; well it is true; it is religion that is a designed to control your mind and distract you from the true nature of God. Hallelujah!

I’m Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo


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  • Aԝ, this was an exceptiоnally good post. Taking the time and actual effort to
    prοduce a very good artiсle… but what can I say… I pսt things off a lot and don’t manage to get nearly anything done.

    • Well! This is not about agreement of disagreement, it will take both a religious mind and an atheist a really huge amount of energy to align with the realities i have shared. The contents are not opinions, they are facts that you can touch and feel. Whether you agree or doesn’t change the fact that they are hard truths that needs no further validation. Would have been nice for you to share with what you disagree with, maybe I can learn what I don’t know already.

  • Great article, I am glad I took time to read it. However, while some of the points are in line with broad religious perspectives, I would like to clarify a few points of view. It’s great explaining the existence of God via the lenses of a scientist as I always retort that “it’s only a foolish scientist that denies the existence of God”. I’m glad you agree that God created everything, seen and unseen entities and expresses his dominion over all things. However, I view your perception as thinking the creation is without purpose or essence to the creator (I might be wrong, if I am, what’s the purpose? And why?). Also, it will be enlightening to also view the entire universe as creations of unique products that require direction, description and purpose which can be wholly described as a “manual”. This is where the “word of God” comes in. While I agree that some scriptures might be corrupted, I beg to differ that the truth won’t be available somewhere. While I can’t speak for all religions, I can only speak for Islam where I know independence and direct communication and reference to the worship of God is preached as the way of life in total submission (By those who truly understand the Quran) as opposed to the idea of “mind control of society”

    While I also agree that we keep appreciating the wisdom in the universe as days go by, countless clues and explanations have been written in the Quran which are in no other book e.g the body of pharaoh as a sign to later generations (you can look this up though, I don’t want to bore us) and many others. My take; if what you believe doesn’t make you live a better life (or know what is right even if you don’t do it, you’re probably in the wrong boat as God isn’t an author of confusion) He makes things clear and urges us to live a good life for our own sake. Like I also inferred in a comment on one of your posts on Facebook ; if what you call your religion by name isn’t stated in your holy book, you should be bothered you’re following a man made doctrine.

    I have a free soft copy of the Quran in English that I’d love that you read so at least you don’t judge all religions as same. However, we all live our own truth and based on our understanding which is deficient compared to the wisdom of the Almighty. May God grant us all Devine guidance. (Ameen)

    • Thanks for writing such an interesting comment.

      It is with great certainty that I tell you that you assumption about my perception is WRONG!

      Man was created for a purpose just the way man created cars, and invented every other thing we’ve created for a purpose. Man is a speaking, tangible, creative expression of God. I know you are a scientist and you know that even microbes that we come in contact with everyday are created for a purpose. If man can make a spoon for a purpose, I am sure that the intelligence that created a being as complex as man did so even for a higher purpose.

By Babaolowo