Ójó Aje


Aje O!
Aje Wole Tomiwa
Aje F’atè Mi Śe Ibusun
Aje Wa Fi Ówó Wé Ówó Mi
Aje Wa Fi Owo Wa Mi Ri
Aje Wa File Mi Śe Ibugbe
Aje Ogugulusó
Gbera! Tagiri!
Maa bó lóódé mi
May we all experience financial increase in all our endeavors and on all sides today and everyday… 🙏🏽

My Point Exactly…


My Point Exactly ***************** I don’t know how I got to this point but for me, only the tiny little things matter this days. I’m no longer excited about the Christmas, Easter or New year frenzy thingy, I’m gradually becoming so numb to the norms and somehow finding my foot in the little things that count. I eat at that woman selling at the street corner not because I love...

Letters to God (Book Review)


Letters To God (My Perspective) You will hardly ever find a book that tells a story raw like bleeding flesh the way “Letters To God” did it, it is a rare experience. I felt like I owned the story, like I was a part of it and I could almost smell the stupidity of Musa mixed with the lucidity of Mr. Idemili from a mile; something I’ve not felt in years from reading an experience from the printed or...

The Gift of a Man


The Gift of a Man I heard a lot of things about my childhood; things that wowed the adult I am today and make me wonder “why was I ever sent to a school to be taught out of creativity?” Sometimes I look at my parents in astonishment and I ask within myself, “why will this beautiful ‘one’ succumb to the dictates of society and consciously throw their choice, heavily talented and equally gifted...

Religion (Christianity) The Death of Nigeria [Pt.1]


This video perhaps is one of the most disturbing things I have seen in my entire life. It took me forever to actually grasp the extent of the damage this demonic act of tagging children as witches has caused, the psychological damage and the physical abuse. I’m definitely an enemy of religion and this has only made me hate religion even more… especially the brand of thieving and...

Welcome Back! … Stories That Touch


The meaning of my first name “Abidemi“, my real identity “Babaolowo” and the uniqueness of my last name “Oderinlo” fused with my pungent, original and sometimes truth laden irritating persona leaves you a finely finished and refined young Nigerian male that defines creativity, knows ‘A Little Bit About Everything’ and writes about just anything for...

The Consequence of Your Actions


THE CONSEQUENCE I absolutely have no problem with those who choose to the option of going homo/gay or bisexual, it’s like me choosing wine and others falling for the cigarette and some other doing both cigarette and wine.. it’s a world of choices and such people should be allowed to do what they like with their assholes but where I stand against such is when this people choose not to...

Iya Agba – Letter To My Grandma In Heaven


Dear Sabitiu Cecilia Oderinlo, It seems like a few days ago that you left but indeed, it’s been more than a few years, it’s ten wonderful years already since you left this world of sin to the realm that is unseen to us all, a chapter that we hopefully will see or never get to see if Jesus returns before the inevitable unseen arrives. It’s beautiful that you left at the ripest of age, an age when...