Untitled Feelings


  For a minute I was forced to admit it, love and it’s intrigues are only for those who can live in denial and walk the path of desires without their eyes open.   How can you love another when it’s harder to even love self and breathe without blinking? How can you feel the heart of another when yours in itself skips so many bits when it is meant to beat more than 60 every minute?   I...

Ójó Aje


Aje O!
Aje Wole Tomiwa
Aje F’atè Mi Śe Ibusun
Aje Wa Fi Ówó Wé Ówó Mi
Aje Wa Fi Owo Wa Mi Ri
Aje Wa File Mi Śe Ibugbe
Aje Ogugulusó
Gbera! Tagiri!
Maa bó lóódé mi
May we all experience financial increase in all our endeavors and on all sides today and everyday… 🙏🏽

Dagrin and I, Memories, Joy, Pain


April 22nd 2010, A Day I Will Remember Forever.    So many times life presents itself in ways you and I can’t explain, fresh ends and new beginnings, all in a mystery of things whose beginning we only heard of, and the end we can predict but still can’t determine because majorly, we don’t know when it will happen. Even a man on a suicide mission will never know how...