Meet Haben Girma, Harvard First Deaf-Blind Law Graduate


If you’ve been looking for something to spark the light in your darkness, something to inspire you to become more than what the world around you defines, then you need to meet Haben Girma, the first blind-deaf student to graduate with a law degree from Harvard Law School. Haben Girma was born deaf-blind but she had access to opportunities afforded by the Americans with Disabilities Act...

No Cash, No Wahala! Meet The Homeless Man Who Collects Alms With Credit Cards


The Professional Homeless Man I was caught unawares yesterday when I found the story about a homeless man in America who calls himself a professional homeless man, collects alms with credit cards  and owns a website that he uses for getting menial jobs (especially snow shoveling snow during winter) and collecting alms as well. What caught me unawares was not the fact that he was collecting credit...