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The Secrets Of Monday (Ójó Aje)


Ójó Aje (Monday) Today is Monday, it’s is called “Ójó Aje” in and the word “Aje” is has a very integral meaning that is as important as air is to living things to every business especially to the Yorubas. Every business owner involved in direct sales and services that deals with a daily exchange of values desire “aje” like life itself. The significance of...

Ójó Aje


Aje O!
Aje Wole Tomiwa
Aje F’atè Mi Śe Ibusun
Aje Wa Fi Ówó Wé Ówó Mi
Aje Wa Fi Owo Wa Mi Ri
Aje Wa File Mi Śe Ibugbe
Aje Ogugulusó
Gbera! Tagiri!
Maa bó lóódé mi
May we all experience financial increase in all our endeavors and on all sides today and everyday… 🙏🏽

The Words of The Flower


The Words of the Flower I Found Down the road that leads to Ipaja On the path I walk, I found a flower With stems of ruby and a petal of gold Adorn with dews from the morning mist My heart was lighted and I made to touch The tender rim that glowed in the morning sun But she closed her petals and withdrew her style Afraid I will pluck and end her gait Then a butterfly came and a bee with stings...

Treating Them Like A Lady


In the over three decades that I’ve lived in this world (I’m less 40, I’m just 21 so I’m young) and with like 17 years of sexual/sensual consciousness of girls, ladies, women and females in general, I’ve come to realize that women don’t ever want the truth as much as they demand it, they just want to fall for the lies, find out the truth and mourn it later...

Buhari Is The Problem of Nigeria…


"Buhari Is The Problem of Nigeria": I have Heard, But Wait............. Some ‘concerned’ Nigerians have sent me SMS, some even came to my office while some called. Their uniform question was “What did Buhari give you? Buhari is the problem of Nigeria…”. I agreed that we do have challenges, but this government, this Buhari’s Government can only be part of the...

The Re-Awakening


I’ve been writing a lot and saying a lot less in the past years, but during this last year, I’ve written even less and said nothing at all making it a tad hard for me to even stand for anything my heart really yearn to see come alive or live beyond the dictates of my environment. 20/21st of January 2017 was a wake up call for me. The days were characterized with events horned on the...

My Point Exactly…


My Point Exactly ***************** I don’t know how I got to this point but for me, only the tiny little things matter this days. I’m no longer excited about the Christmas, Easter or New year frenzy thingy, I’m gradually becoming so numb to the norms and somehow finding my foot in the little things that count. I eat at that woman selling at the street corner not because I love...



A few weeks ago, I did had a critical internal analysis after some soft political wit with my friend and I rose from it and wrote on my Facebook wall that “I’ll love to have a Trump victory” for reasons that were obvious and this morning, I could only giggle and laugh as I watched the Aljeezera projected election results with a bulging tired eye as Donald Trump’s walked his way to victory with a...